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The Year in Review: 2008

I got this annual recapping idea from Rachael at Yarn-a-go-go.


Duncan and his doctorDuncan and I adopted each other, I went on a business trip to Toronto, and Mayor Larry thought he was a rock star when he got booked on charges of bribery and influence peddling.


I won second prize in a beauty contest. Ha ha! No I didn’t. I won second prize in the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards for Best Post. My band, The Blue-Eyed Hermits, was formed and I finished knitting the Three-Year Sweater.


The winter from hell raged on and Mayor Larry tried to screw us with a snow tax. I bought my first piece of art and I got my Mojo Kit! It was determined that Duncan is a Norwegian Forest Cat. He was incorporated into a piece of street art, and he caught a mouse.


My sister and I escaped the winter from Hell by visiting my dad and Merle in Florida. Duncan, meanwhile, vacationed on Elgin Street with the Fourth Dwarf. Spring finally sprung. I started going to the gym every morning before work. Ottawa’s drug problem was getting a lot of attention. Duncan removed his winter underwear and I knit some baby stuff.


May was an unusually uneventful month. I went on a mini vacation to southern Ontario and Mayor Larry started a blog. I didn’t run the marathon again this year.


I celebrated Donna’s graduation and Stuart’s visit from Thailand. I went to Westfest, and the Italian Festival. The Fringe Festival hosted a wine and cheese for bloggers. Bob died. I left for Haliburton and stopped going to the gym.


I took 5 and a half weeks holidays. I spent two weeks of it taking art and guitar courses in Haliburton . Ottawa’s crime rate fell (sheer coincidence, I assure you). I fell in love and Duncan peed on the object of my affection’s shorts.


I threw my back out and finally created a piece of art I liked. Blogging ennui settled upon the Ottawa blogging community like a fine grey dust, I lost two tickets to the folk festival, and we had an illuminating discussion about little pink pills. Zoom made headlines.


There was a blogger’s breakfast, I got rid of four wasp nests and visited Montreal. I saved a life but Marion Dewar died. I went to the Sex Trade Workers’ Rally and Duncan peed on the bed again. I celebrated Rosh Hashana.


I took my favourite picture of the whole year, invented Hard-to-Spell Pizza, taught GC how to knit, voted, participated in Blog Action Day, found myself in a sea of zombies, turned old, got a facial, and went to see the Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo.


I went to the Ferret Frolic, was captivated by Ivan Coyote, issued the Blueberry Challenge, bought a Davy Crockett hat, attended Ottawa’s first TimeRaiser event, went to the Homelessness Forum, met Max, and bought Mother, This is Howard. Duncan was featured on Tank Top Tuesday. Stogie died.


I went to the Neil Diamond concert, watched hopefully as the Conservative government came within a whisper of toppling, got lucky at the Chandler Swain Christmas sale, endured the bus strike, stood up to a bully, won some beavers, bought a Mac, created art for an art show, spent Christmas Eve at the Shepherds of Good Hope, made turkey, leftover turkey, turkey sandwiches, curried turkey and turkey soup, and went to Janet and Kate’s New Year’s Eve party.


6 comments to The Year in Review: 2008

  • Julia

    What a full year! I especially liked the falling in love part. Was it only a year ago that you got Duncan? He seems such a fixture in your life. No wonder you posted that you liked 2008. For me, I liked the first half and now I’m looking forward to enjoying Spring like never before.

  • Falling in love was MY favourite part too!

    And yup, Duncan and I will be celebrating our first anniversary on Sunday.

    I hope 2009 is EXTRA good to you Julia. You deserve it.

  • great monthly list of reflection.
    any connection between you falling in love in july and throwing your back out in august? just sayin…

  • my my weren’t you the busy one? what a great year…

  • Ri

    We are so glad for you Zoom… Let’s hope 2009 is as kind to the rest of us…Duncan is a better cat just knowing he has someone like you to care & love him to death.

  • Until your summary, I’d forgotten about Duncan’s shedding knickers! Thanks! Have you tried using Furball Remedy? It’s a flavored petroleum jelly (Hartz brand is our favorite) that the cats think is candy. It works by coating hairs they’ve eaten so they slide through their systems without forming furballs they need to throw up (with gross sound effects). One of my cats ate as much unflavored pj (aka Vaseline) as I’d let her. The easiest way is to squeeze it out onto your finger and let the cat lick it off. The few cats that don’t like it will lick it off their front legs if you smear it on. I’ve had cats who changed their minds about hating it after a few doses.