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A little whine

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve succumbed to a variety of ailments more or less simultaneously, and now I’m going to subject you to all the gory details.

It all started with a wicked headache that spanned several days last week. I went to work for the first two days, and kept myself just barely functioning with Anacins. I also saw a massage therapist who seemed to be conquering the headache, but it ambushed me again as soon as I stood up.

By the third day I realized that my continued presence at the office probably wasn’t doing anybody any good, since I hadn’t gotten much accomplished beyond getting there each day and making my colleagues feel sorry for me. So I stayed home on Friday and got the period from hell.

I also got a backache that day. It wasn’t all that bad, but it was one of those ominous backaches that says “One wrong move, and I’ll have you on your knees for a week.”

By this time I was taking Anacin, Anaprox, Midol and Robaxicet. This would no doubt explain the queasiness that led me to suspect I was also coming down with the stomach flu.

Saturday, the headache mercifully vanished and GC and I celebrated Valentines Day with a fondue and cupcakes. On Sunday, we went for a little walk at the Experimental Farm, because I thought it might help my back. Unfortunately I slipped on a bit of ice and the corrective action I took to prevent myself from falling wrenched my back and kicked my backache up to a whole new level. By the end of the day it felt like a combination of sciatica, iliotibial band syndrome, restless leg syndrome and a pinched nerve, with perhaps a touch of hypochondria thrown in for good measure too.

So now I’m hobbling about, bent over at the waist, with varying degrees of pain and discomfort in my back, hips, butt and thighs, while an irritating little voice keeps telling me it’s all in my head. Which it’s NOT.

14 comments to A little whine

  • GC

    What are you doing up and blogging?!! You’re supposed to be relaxing and sleeping and healing. Do I have to come over there and make sure you stay in bed?!

  • GC, you go do that… (p.s. Nothing says love like a good nagging)

    Zoom, go back to bed and watch TLC! Stop thinking about everything you should/could be doing…

    Maybe your body wants you to take a holiday somewhere warm and sunny… sending you a gentle hug.

  • Julia

    It sounds horrible! I don’t even think hypnosis would help with those ailments! Rest is the only cure I can think of.

  • GC, I stayed in bed for 12 hours! It was a world record. Eventually I had to get up and DO something.

    Woodsy, I sold my TV on Saturday. It was taking up too much room and I kept forgetting to turn it on, so I decided to let it go. Besides, I didn’t have cable so I couldn’t watch TLC anyway.

    Julia, I’m just being a big wimp. It’s not really that bad.
    – signed, the little voice in my head.

  • Oma

    I’d offer tea and sympathy but if you came out here you’d likely do way more damage to yourself. Rest and ice packs or alternating ice and warmth? Get well soon.

  • deb

    Back issues…must be a family trait. I am always feeling the warning signs too. Don’t lie on your stomach in bed (if you do).

    And here I thought you and GC were having so much fun this weekend that you didn’t have time to post on your blog.

  • After I throw my back out, the pain lingers on in the form of knots in my glutes. If you apply pressure to muscle knots (they are easy to find because they are tender), they melt away after about 30-60 seconds. When alone, try laying on a tennis ball to accomplish this. But for really deep knots, GC will have to help. 😉

  • deb

    For the sciatica, lie on your back, cross one ankle over the other knee which is elevated onto the seat of a chair and apply pressure to the knee that’s attached to the elevated ankle for about 20-30 secs. Repeat a few times every couple of hours…it works.

  • owww. good intentions sometimes fall flat literally.
    keep R&Ring until you rev and revive.

  • ScottTribe

    She’s been keeping herself busy today with a “special project”. I’ve been helping her out with it. I hope however I haven’t aggravated her too much. I’ve been trying to prod her along :)

  • Melinda

    My sincerest sympathies on all accounts. The “One wrong move, and I’ll have you on your knees for a week.” syndrome is familiar to me and is not nice. I can recommend a chiropractor for that one. It’s saved me a lot of pain since I figured out that he can prevent it from getting worse (at least for me) – only, you really should go before it has you on your knees, or you slip on ice, whichever comes first. We’re also having (for here) heavy and frequent snowfalls, which means lots of ice. I’d have been in the hospital long ago if it weren’t for my shoe spikes.

    For now, tea, pain killers and rest, oh, and you can’t beat a good book and maybe a cat who’ll comfort you. Duncan’s gotta be lovin’ you being home all day! Get well soon!

  • Arden

    Hope it gets better quickly! Does Duncan allow himself to be leaned into? It can be really nice to have big soft warm pressure, particularly one with a purr, against a bad back I find. Unfortunately not one of our current 5 is good for it!

  • Oma

    A little wine might not hurt either.

  • grace

    Tell that annoying little voice to speak to you as it would anybody else . . . that’s what I keep telling my annoying little voice. Feel better soon.