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One Week

Last night GC and I went to see One Week at the Coliseum, compliments of Mongrel Media who sent me a whole whack of passes just for being a blogger.

It’s an outrageously and unapologetically Canadian film, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. It stars Joshua Jackson (remember him? He was Pacey on Dawson’s Creek) and it’s got every imaginable Canadian symbol in it, from Terry Fox to the Sudbury Nickel to crop insurance and Canadian geese. It’s even funny. It reminded me of my youthful hitchhiking treks across Canada, and it made me want to go on a road trip. You know. Before I die.

Go see it! I have a bunch of free double passes for the Thursday March 5th show at the Coliseum on Carling. See my last post for instructions on how to get me to send you one.

2 comments to One Week

  • Try and find “Phil The Alien”… it’s a movie about a road trip from North Ontario to Niagara Falls, and an alcoholic alien who gets mistaken for the Messiah and his band. And a talking beaver.

    Hunter: So what’s your name sweetie?
    Hooker: I’m Candy.
    Hunter: Well, who doesn’t love Candy?
    Hooker: My parents.

  • Arden

    Thanks again for the pass! I did love the ultra Canadian footage, though I could’ve lived without the two women sitting next to me who felt the need to point out the obvious “oh look, Sudbury” “oh look, a Tim Horton’s cup” “Oh look a hockey stick” Apparently this week for me is the week of bad audiences, when I saw Doubt (playing at the Gladstone Theatre) earlier in the week, 2 cellphones rang within 5 minutes of the start of the play, after they’d played the turn off your cellphones announcement, AND then there were several phones on vibrate that went off endlessly! Oof!