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Puppy mills, pointy claws and finger-pointing

My friend Donna invited me over for dinner last night and we drank wine and ate fish and talked about Romanian orphanages, Columbian drug cartel prisoners, child abuse, depressing movies, Karla Homolka, addiction, poverty, prisons, Stephen Harper, the economy, child slavery, puppy mills and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

One heavy topic seemed to lead into the next and we kind of got trapped in that pattern, which is odd because we’re both pretty upbeat people. Despite the unrelenting lineup of dark topics, we somehow managed to laugh and have fun. Not everybody can do that with that particular set of topics, but Donna and I pulled it off. Yay us!

Afterwards I came home and went to bed with just Duncan. Duncan liked that he had me all to himself, but he liked it in an intense, face-licking, pointy-clawed sort of way, and I had to hide under the blankets for my own protection.

In other news, we made it through January! Does anybody else think the end of the bus strike was kind of anti-climatic since it hasn’t resulted in any actual bus service? I can’t believe it’s going to take them 10 days to get some buses on the road and it’ll be “April or May” before normal bus service is fully restored. (And frankly, normal bus service left a lot to be desired.)

Not only has the end of the bus strike not resulted in any bus service, it hasn’t resulted in any end to the public finger-pointing and acrimonious exchanges between the mayor and the union leadership. Why are they still battling for public opinion? It’s not like anybody’s going to change their minds about who’s to blame at this stage of the game, and even if we did, so what? Who cares? Mayor Larry’s got zero chance of re-election – and in this case, zero really does mean zero – and AndrĂ© Cornellier just needs to keep his members happy, not me or you.

I think they should just leave us alone and focus on getting the buses back on the road.

7 comments to Puppy mills, pointy claws and finger-pointing

  • Maybe you could get the 2 leaders of the strike, management and union and stuff them in a puppy mill. Of course then they might breed and there would just be more of them. Maybe just let them clean up in a puppy mill till the transit was back up to full speed. I bet it wouldn’t take 4 months then.

  • Arden

    Don’t underestimate people’s abilities to forget incompetence and a trillion missteps come elections time. I am sincerely hoping that people can hold on to this memory for the next year and a half, but fear that enough people in the ‘burbs and rural areas will fall for the “no taxes” line AGAIN!

  • Melinda

    You want I should send some Swiss people there to get the busses moving? They may be a little uptight as a population, OK, a lot uptight, but things work when there are Swiss people doing them. Of course, they never would have had a strike in the first place because they’re really very reasonable, practical people.

    I hate to say it, but I agree with Arden on Mayor Larry. People have an amazing capacity to forget the ugly of the past when they can have a promise today. (Bush anyone?)

  • yikes. those are heavy topics of discussion for a sunday evening……

  • hey – that’s my sister donna! her name right up there in award-winning bloglights! so i understand, and really, is there anything else to talk about? here in BC we can also talk about the Olympic mess and oil spills, but oil spills seem to be going the way of the dodo bird. touch wood. oh, and that’s another thing we can talk about – timber, forestry, clear cuts, sustainablility. but hang on, speaking of the dodo bird. . . .

  • Donna

    Just in case we’ll talk too much about dodo birds at our next dinner (which, by the way I promise will be fish-less, since it wasn’t until I was actually serving the fish did I ask whether fish was acceptable – aah, those embarrassing moments of hostess oversight, but I digress..) I’ve already dusted off my fake nose that comes with a pair of over the top eyebrows on black-rimmed glasses and 2 pairs of very large fake teeth – one pair each. And I promise I won’t tell the story of my sister and I wearing fake teeth on the B.C. ferry. She made me do it, honest.

  • oil spills should be controlled as soon as possible to prevent environmental damage:”-