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The final stretch of winter

The weather’s been kind of erratic lately, eh? Thirty-three below zero yesterday morning with the wind chill, and a forecast of seven degrees above zero tomorrow. For those of you still do Farenheit, those are Celsius degrees, and Celsius degrees generally make things sound colder than they really are. But the two scales converge at forty below, so 33 below actually is almost as cold as it sounds.

This is me, yesterday, walking to work.



Even the dogs wear coats and boots in this weather. But for those of you who are unfamiliar with our winters (I’m thinking about you Nurse Myra), I don’t want you to think it’s all about snow and ice and shivering miserably. Sometimes we actually go outside and play. Here’s GC, playing in the snow behind my house.


He could practically fix my clothesline from up there. The snowplow driver snapped it in half one night, and then tried to throw away the evidence. I stomped outside and marched over to his snowplow and banged on it til he shut down his plow and talked to me. He pretended to have every intention of returning to fix it in the springtime, and after a few minutes I grew weary of being assertive and pretended to believe him.

Bye-bye clothesline.

You know what I like best about winter? It gives us Canadians a great excuse to just stay in and do whatever gets us through. We can drink or read or play with our toys or watch movies or whatever we want. Winter’s actually pretty great if you don’t have to leave your house.

This is what my art room looks like when I’ve been snowbound and feeling creative.


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