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This, that, and free tickets too

Thanks for all the word donations. There were some truly inspired and fabulous words in there, including two bananas. If you haven’t given me one yet, please do. I’ll be sure to blog about the project once it gets underway, so you’ll know your words went to a good cause. At this point, all I can say is that this is an art project.

Thanks also for your feedback on the new theme. I’m going to mull it all over and I’m pretty sure changes will result. (I’m curious to see what they’ll be…)

I’m looking forward to Daylight Savings Time next weekend, aren’t you? Although it seems ridiculously early compared to past years, it also seems like it’s not a minute too soon.

I think Spring’s coming early this year. Sure, winter’s got a few more cryogenic blasts left in her, but February feels unusually loose and hopeful. It’s still February, of course, you can’t get around that: it sucks like only February can suck. But time hasn’t frozen solid the way it usually does in February in Ottawa. Considering we’ve endured a bus strike and everything, winter’s been tolerable.

Speaking of the bus strike, there were some interesting headlines about the mayor in the local newspapers this morning. Minister of Transport John Baird has been subpoenaed as a witness in Mayor Larry’s bribery trial, which starts April 27th. Hallelujah. And Council thinks they might actually get some work done with Larry out of the picture. That would be nice, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Larry’s not the only dysfunctional family member at the Council table.

Speaking of dysfunctional, don’t you just love a news story that makes all your flaws and misdeeds pale in comparison? A woman sold a four-year-old and a five-year-old for a cockatoo and $175. Oh sure, we’ve all thought about it, but it takes a special kind of dysfunctional to actually go through with it.

In other news, GC and I are going to see the movie One Week tonight. It’s an advance showing before the film officially opens on March 6th. Mongrel Media has been busy distributing free advance passes to bloggers across Canada, presumably to generate some buzz.

I’ve got a bunch of double passes to see this movie on Thursday March 5th at 7:00 pm at the Coliseum on Carling Avenue. I’m giving them away to the first 10 people to leave a comment with a link to their favourite post on their own blog. (Or, if you don’t have a blog of your own, feel free to leave a comment with a link to your favourite post on my blog.) Just leave your comment and then send me an email me with your snail mail address.

14 comments to This, that, and free tickets too

  • Nat

    You’re kidding about daylight savings right?

  • I’m busy next Thursday, so I can’t use the passes, but I will take this opportunity to share my favourite blog post.

    Maybe I should re-energize the blog. I haven’t posted since last June, but I haven’t yet declared it officially dead – just in a coma.

  • Thank you! For the ticket offer. Too bad I wouldn’t be able to use it. I didn’t know about Daylight Savings next week. WOW! Early indeed! Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Stephanie

    I had tickets to go see last night’s (Thursday) showing at the Coliseum. The movie started at 7 (a couple commercials included) and ended at 8:30. It was pretty good. Very interesting story, made me think a lot about my relationship with my fiance, and about what’s important to me. The best part for me was seeing tons of Canada. I’ve always wanted to do a long roadtrip across Canada to know the entire country, but I don’t think I’ll ever do it. So I really enjoyed being part of his journey from Toronto to BC. I think it’s a great movie for anyone to see, just because it’s interesting, and a “local” movie, made and funded in Canada with a canadian actor and a canadian soundtrack. Have fun at your showing!

  • That really is dysfunctional. The money is fine but cockatoos are just as messy and noisy as children. What was she thinking?

  • Arden

    I’m really entertained by that story!

    Okay, since I have no plans for Thursday, here goes:

    It’s the only one where I don’t go off on long and boring tangents 😛

    I’m horrified by the rain today. I’m so close to finishing my first knitted winter gear for myself (the Gretel hat by Ysolda Teague), only I won’t need it anymore! *wimper*

  • Julia

    You know, when you asked for a word, I thought you meant one to describe an art and writing project, which is why I made up the one I did. Yet more evidence that my brain function is different from most. You are still welcome to use my made-up word but it does work better for describing the project itself, rather than being in the project. Oh well.

    Thanks for the heads-up about DST!

  • Oh wow. I hadn’t heard of this movie, but PACEY is in it, and I’m not ashamed to admit that when he actually was Pacey, I was in love with him.

    My blog is so new, I don’t really have a favourite post yet, but this one is the most informative about me, and was a Facebook meme, so:

    Woooooo Joshua Jackson!

  • Hey, I left one of your bananas. Apparently I was too bleary-eyed to notice that you already had one, but 2 bananas are better than one. Unless they are overripe.

    I live nowhere near you, so I can’t use the tickets. However, I will take the opportunity to put up a link to a post. I wouldn’t say it’s an all-time favorite, but it’s a recent one where I amused myself:

    Crazy business about that woman trying to sell off the kids.

  • Nat and Marta, I’m not kidding. Remember, you heard it here first. One more week til the clocks spring forward. Yay!

    Leanne and Alejna – thanks for the links – I wish I had something to send you.

    Meagan! I knew he looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place him. But yes, you’re absolutely right – Pacey, all grown up. Thanks.

    Stephanie – I was there too! In the back row of the front section. Where were you?

    Bandobras, I know. A cockatoo? She must be nuts.

    Arden and Meagan – woohoo! Winners!

    Julia, a made-up word is just fine. Remember, there were no rules.

  • J.J.

    In case you run out of passes, you can also print out your own (although seating is not guaranteed)!

  • The other Lissa

    I’ll play! I don’t blog anymore… you see me on Twitter. But I have to say, my favorite post of yours is this one:

    I believe that’s when I subscribed to you for good and for always. 😉

  • Thanks for that J.J.

    Lissa – oh yeah! I’d forgotten all about that post. Now that you mention it, it was one of my favourites too.

  • Stephanie

    I was in the first row of the second section, with no seats in front of us. Yay for being able to cross legs!