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Punch Buggy Update

Remember the sophisticated and elaborate version of Punch Buggy I told you about in December? You know, with the VW Bugs (Punch Buggies), Smart Cars (Smartiepants), faux-wood-panel cars (Woodies) and yellow cars (Bananaramas)? A grand slam is when you get all four of them in an uninterrupted streak – ie, before the other person gets even one.

So far, neither GC nor I have ever scored a grand slam because Woodies are so rare. In all our months of playing the game, we’ve only seen four Woodies. (Not that I’m competitive or anything, but I spotted all four of them.)

Middle of the Night Smartiepants!

Middle of the Night Smartiepants!

Anyway. What I wanted to tell you about was this one particular Smart Car that lives on Cooper Street. It has personalized license plates that say THESMART. GC and I have grown very fond of that particular car, and whenever we’re near Cooper Street, we both keep our eagle eyes peeled for it so we can scream SMARTIEPANTS and pummel each other.*

Well. The other morning I was walking to work and THESMART sailed right past me at the intersection of Somerset and Lyon. I even caught a glimpse of the person who drives it! I immediately phoned GC and told him about this rare and wondrous sighting. It didn’t count towards the game, of course, since GC wasn’t there to see it, but he was kind of vicariously thrilled. I could tell.

That very same evening we were driving down Merivale Road when suddenly GC spotted the spring-green VW Bug with the license plate BEVM851 driving behind us. This particular Punch Buggy lives about six blocks from me, which is why I’ve memorized its plates. GC and I were bouncing up and down and screaming PUNCH BUGGY and straining our necks trying to get a look at the driver.

After the excitement had died down and the shrieking and pummeling had stopped and we were just cruising down the road like normal people, I reflected more soberly upon the experience.

“I wonder,” I said, “what the owners of THESMART and BEVM851 would think if they knew there are people like us who think of their cars as celebrities, and who have memorized their license plates, and who phone each other and punch each other and scream ‘SMARTIEPANTS!’ whenever we see their car?”

GC reflected for a moment.

“Maybe there are people out there,” he said, “Who think of my car as a celebrity and who have memorized my license plates and who phone each other and punch each other and scream ‘RUSTBUCKET!’ whenever they see it.”

It’s entirely possible, you know. There are some strange people out there.

*After writing this post, I sifted through months of photographs looking for a picture of THESMART to illustrate the post, but couldn’t find any. GC, being the world’s best boyfriend, suggested that we drive down to Cooper Street – in the middle of the night – to photograph THESMART. So we did. 😉

15 comments to Punch Buggy Update

  • Around here you see Smarts everywhere, surprise-surprise.

    Do a search and check out the Smart Roadster – now that’s a zippy little sports car! :-)

  • I do believe that THESMART is owned by the owner of THES-MART, the big-box store for thespians.

    Kudos to such a venturesome entrepreneur for keeping things frugal in this economy.

    – RG>

  • Norma

    A few months ago I saw a Woodie Punchbug. I was thinking it must count for something extra in a regular punchbug game. In your game, it’d be even better.

  • XUP

    I always look out for my favourite mini with the license plate that reads: IMABMR2

  • We have a Smart Cabrio –

    Now I will have to start watching to see if people smack each other around when we drive by :-)

    Too Funny!

  • grace

    I’m so sad that our woodie had to go to woodie heaven. I have this weird thing for numbers: phone numbers, birthdays, lisence plate numbers etc. I’m still on the lookout for LAA607 stolen from our dear and late friend Mike in 1981. And why does the word ‘lisence’ never seem right to my eye?

  • grace

    Obviously, my grade school dyslexia has returned. I read spell check backwards. Good thing I’m good with numbers. Sheesh.

  • Julia

    Over at The Bleat on Wednesday, Lileks was playing the same game but with different rules…

  • I love the relationship you and GC have. It sounds like you have as much fun as carefree kindergarteners

  • Jen

    Now don’t be surprised if they do a search for their licenses and stumble here.

    Just sayin’…

  • i was on cooper last night – wish i had known about the game ! i would have sought an autograph :)

  • gc

    Well fans of zoom… Do you think I fell victim to a “grand slam” this weekend? How one’s life can change in an instant!
    I don’t know if I can ever look at a red punch buggy the same again.

  • Ian, we’re seeing more of them here too – but they’re still a bit of a novelty item, like a little toy car.

    RG – ha ha. I almost fell for that!

    Norma, I would pee my pants if I saw a wood-paneled Punch Buggy! I’m not even kidding.

    XUP – I’ll watch for it too. (I love Minis.)

    Elliot, are you here in Ottawa? If so, what’s your license plate #? (Just kidding – but yes, if you see me seeing you, you’ll know it’s me by all the commotion.)

    Grace – ha ha ha ha ha!

    Julia, who would ever think of playing Punch Buggy with Elements?? It takes all kinds, I guess..

    Nursemyra, we do have fun, but we can be Very Serious too. I’ll blog about our Serious Side soon, just for you. 😉

    Jen, oh I’d love it if they stopped by. Celebrities! (But does anybody google their own license plate numbers? Except GC of course, who did it the minute he read your comment.)

    Meanie, it’s never too late. Cooper and Bay, you can’t miss it. It’s so cute.

    GC – ha ha ha ha. I won I won I won I won! (Not that I’m competitive or anything.)

  • I used to live in a neighborhood where I frequently saw a VW beetle parked with the license plate MYBUG. It was a sad day when I walked past that car and saw a “For Sale” sign in the window. I thought “Oh, no! They have to sell MYBUG! How awful for them.”

  • @zoom – Ottawa East – although you would probably see my wife toodling around downtown with it!

    Don’t remember the plate off hand!