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fwordsbuttonsmall2My blog got nominated for an F-word award! The F stand for feminist. Now I know I don’t talk a lot about feminism here, but I’m tickled pink by this nomination because I’ve been a feminist even longer than I’ve been a woman.

If you’d like to vote for in the Best Personal Feminist Blog category, you can do so now on this page.

Visit the mothership too for all the categories and a rich source of links to other blogs written by Canadian women.

(Warm thanks to Chrystal Ocean and Naci for nominating me.)

3 comments to F-Word!

  • How odd. I too have been a feminist longer than I have been a woman.

  • Julia

    Congrats! The intro paragraphs here contain a pretty good summary of feminism. I “discovered” feminism in grade 11, in 1974. Of course, the idea that women should be equal to men always made sense to me so I was surprised to find out that not everyone agreed it should be so.

  • I became a feminist around the age of 12. But my little sister, Mudmama, was born a feminist. I remember asking her when she was two or three years old “What does feminism mean?” and she said “It means boys are just as good as girls.”