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Good news and new goods

Good news – my back is almost back to normal! It doesn’t hurt and I can bend and lift again. I think the anti-inflammatory – Arthrotec – is what fixed it. It’s a huge relief, because frankly I was getting worried.

More good news – my camera resurfaced! It was at the physiotherapist’s office. Phew. That’s the fourth time I’ve lost it (or its predecessor), and the fourth time it has found its way back home to me. (I know that makes it sound like I lose my camera all the time, but I take it everywhere I go and I go lots of places, so in the grand scheme of things I hardly ever lose it.)

Eyebrow-raising news: I decided to resist my resistance. I read Getting Things Done and began implementing the System. I know, I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes here. It’s no secret I have a tendency to throw myself into things like this, only to abandon them after a couple of weeks. But this time I swear it’s going to be different. I’ll either stick with it or else I’ll get so much accomplished in a couple of weeks that it will have been worth it even though I didn’t stick with it.

Normally when I feel this way I just go to Staples and buy some coloured file folders and index cards and toss them into the mess. For some inexplicable reason, this doesn’t work. That’s why I’ve given myself over completely to Getting Things Done.

The author, David Allen, even provides a shopping list of GTD supplies. At Staples I bought:

  • an automatic labeler
  • label tape
  • file folders
  • stapler and staples
  • binder clips
  • 3 inboxes
  • paper clips
  • pens
  • a big stack of paper
  • rubber bands
  • scotch tape and dispenser

Zoom's Command Centre

Zoom's Command Centre

First Things Second: I needed a Command Centre. An Organizing Epicenter. An Eye of the Storm. An Oasis of Calm. A place from which chaos could be effortlessly processed and converted into order and useful results.

So I ordered two 2-drawer filing cabinets, and GC and I went to Home Depot and for $4 I got a damaged 60″x30″ piece of wood which we laid on top of the filing cabinets, and voila! It’s a desk!

The next step: Collection. In accordance with the system, I collected all the to-do’s and shoulds and musts from around my house and my computer and my calendar and my brain, and dumped them all into my inbox. (If something’s not an actual physical thing – like ‘organize art supplies’ – you write it on a piece of paper and put it in your inbox.)

That’s as far as I’ve gotten. The next step involves going through the Inbox and making decisions about each item. I’ll keep you posted. (Note to self: keep blog posted.)

Two head-hanging-in-shame items in the inbox that might be of interest to some blog readers:

1) Tofu Challenge – make good on lost bet
2) Name That Picture Contest – send prize to Stephanie

These things are definitely going to get done! Because I’m all about Getting Things Done!

10 comments to Good news and new goods

  • On the camera – I’ve engraved my phone number into most of my gadgets. Actually had a bike light returned to me this way. You can borrow an engraver from your nearest Community Police Centre, or from your friendly neighbourhood Grouch. 😉

    As for oganizing systems. I have about four “Organizing command centres”. One of which is the couch. *sigh*

    I tend to change organizing systems every six months or so. First it’s on a blackberry, then it’s on a filing card in my back pocket. Or front pocket. An accordion file. A smaller accordion file. My gmail inbox. A Google spreadsheet. My outlook calendar. Last summer I used a piece of paper folded into six that I would consult neurotically.

    The important thing is to change it when it stops working. This way, when you’re developing your new system, you can purge the things you realize you’re never going to do. Also, you want to get something done for the first time in a few months, just for the satisfaction of marking something done for the first time in the new system.

    Actually, the most important thing is to realize that the only thing you ever get done is put things on your to-do list.

    – RG>

  • I have all the office supplies and filing cabinets, but my “inboxes” (breakfast bar, spare bedrooms, etc.) continue to overflow, mostly with paper. Keep us posted on your progress – I want to know how to motivate myself to work through those so-called inboxes!

  • Julia

    Looks like a promising start! One of these years, I am going to do something similar.
    And I am glad to hear about your back. It is a huge relief not to have pain all the time.

  • Oma

    Spring Cleaning of all kinds is a whole lot more fun with a healthy back and lots of organizational supplies!

  • kim

    So glad to hear your back is getting better! Good luck with the to do stuff. My camera may surface someday IF i ever DO my “to do” stuff!

    ps, whatever happened with the words everyone contributed? is that on the “get stuff done” list, too? :-)

  • Can’t wait to see how those gymnastics get themselves done! Go Duncan and/or Zoom!

  • I like RG’s idea, but that would involve getting something done – going to the police community centre. Whereas, while sitting comfortably at you new command centre, simply stick one of those mailing labels (that we all recieve from charities) on your camera… that’s what I do.

  • That is an awesome command center you got there!

  • Ohhh I’m envious of your filing cabinets. This is very exciting to me! I love organizing things but I have these big things I always procrastinate about – like MAILING STUFF OUT. I write letters, make packages and then fall down on the actual SENDING. What does the bpook say about that (besides stop being a miser about postage)