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Mystery Shot Contest continues…

Clue #2

Clue #2

Despite many clever guesses, there are still no winners in Zoom’s First Mystery Shot Contest. Therefore, the contest continues with Clue #2. See the original post for Clue #1 and contest rules, prizes and fine print.

In other news, remember my crow pottery than some of you lusted after? Well, the artist, Chandler Swain, sends this alert: “Just to let your covetous friends know: I have some crow pieces that I will be selling at the Ottawa Guild of Potters sale April 2-5 at the Hellenic Centre on Prince of Wales just south of Baseline.” Caw! Caw!

In other other news, this morning while I was getting dressed my entire closet organizing system collapsed and all of my hanging clothes fell on my head.

26 comments to Mystery Shot Contest continues…

  • gc

    I know! I know!!

    How’s your head?

  • Stephanie

    I know! It’s the inside view when you are in the car wash! YAY!!!

  • Duncan. In the library. With a revolver.

  • Ding Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! Congratulations Stephanie. If you send me an email ( with your mailing address, I’ll send you a fabulous prize!

  • Coyote – I think it was Duncan in the bedroom closet with a hacksaw.

  • Stephanie

    Yippee! Will do! I love car washes… lol it always makes me giggle for some reason.

  • ecology guy

    That’s not fair, I’ve never been in a car wash. I’ve never even been in a car.

  • OK at least I got the windshield part right..Don’t I get 1/2 points eh eh?

  • Stephanie, me too, I love car washes too.

    Ecology guy, don’t blame me for your lifestyle choices.

    Rita, you were close, but if I start giving out half points, everybody’s gonna want some.

    Mudmama? You didn’t read the other comments before posting yours, did you?

  • Oma

    Your closet was telling you that you no longer have to get dressed for work! How do I know? Mine collapses regularly … and it is telling me that I really need to replace the tension bars intended for showers with the real thing. Closets are quite communicative.

  • carwash huh. My next guess of glazed pottery wasn’t even close.

    Your closet collapsed on your head? At least clothes pads the rack and shelves I guess. Was there an earthquake that I missed?

  • Darn! I had that one too.. I’m still stumped on the other!

  • I just came back to show Tyren your header – no I hadn’t read the comments – but WE LOVE a good carwash – as in we can’t wash the car unless we have EVERYONE along, too entertaining to do when kids are at school :-)

  • Lo

    car wash! cool. there goes my guess of a frozen beer glass….now i want a pint-thanks!

  • Arden

    I was thinking car wash, but alas, I was too late!

    Yeah, I’ve a few incidents with masses of hanging clothes crashing down on me. It’s especially fun when they’re all sopping wet, and then the pole smacks you in the head. Seriously though, it still beats having doors fall on you, the first time that happened to me I was no more than 7 years old, possibly younger. My bedroom door just started falling on me, very scarring! I seemed to be cursed though, or perhaps it’s just this house, since I’ve had 3 different doors fall on me in this house, and some of them many times (like the bathroom door)

  • Chris B

    Damn – I saw it on Blogawa and thought… Car Wash… but then I get here and somebody had it

  • Valerie – they’re both clues for the same puzzle, so they’re both car wash pictures!

  • Melinda

    Either a glass vase, sculpture or the like, or Duncan, in the kitchen, with the can opener.

  • Jen G

    that was fun. do it again!

  • Jen, I was thinking I might just do that!

  • Car wash!

    I can see I’m too late, however. My daughter and I had fun figuring it out. Thanks!

  • XUP

    I’m shocked that you have a closet organizing system

  • Don’t be too shocked XUP – it was here when I moved in. It’s one of my favourite things about my house. It allows a 4-foot closet to hold 12 feet of clothing!

  • Julia

    As soon as I saw the second one and I realized there was the same mark in the first, I recognized it as a crack in the windshield. But I was too late.

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