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Sewing. And sowing.

Sock Monkeys!

Sock Monkeys!

Just for the record, I no longer express myself politically by not sewing. I’m pleased to report that last night GC and I finished sewing our sock monkeys. (They’re not actually joined at the hip, they just look that way.)

GC fixing my sock

GC fixing my sock

Mending’s another matter though. I don’t mend and I don’t mind not mending. But for some idiosyncratic reason, all my socks get holes in the toes almost immediately after I buy them. It doesn’t matter whether I buy cheap socks or expensive socks, they all get holes in the toes. I just keep wearing a sock until three or more toes are sticking out of the hole, and then I throw it out. I’ve learned to live with it, but I was touched when GC pulled out his sewing kit and fixed a sock for me.

Me and my cow

Me and my cow

Speaking of sewing, we’re both sowing seeds over at FarmTown on Facebook. It’s an interactive farm simulation game, and you play it with your friends. Everybody gets a farm, and you can buy seeds and grow tomatoes and potatoes and sunflowers and other crops. Then you harvest and sell the yield and plant more fields. As you move up through the levels you can buy silos and barns and more land.

I finally have that cow I always wanted.

PS: Today’s the last day for voting in the F-Word Awards.

9 comments to Sewing. And sowing.

  • Kim

    Nice to see you sowing. I didn’t get this story in my feed, and lately have just been getting every other one! waaahh!!

  • It is spooky how much the sock monkeys look like you two….

  • did you give the sock monkeys names??

    and by the way, swapbox short film is now up at the swap box blog!

  • Oma

    Mud Mama can teach you how to darn those toes in a fun way.

  • Julia

    I heart your monkeys.

    I just sew up sock holes – darning is too much work.

  • XUP

    My daughter has the same sock problems. I put it down to her not trimming her toe nails often enough.You’d be surprised how much damage toenails can do to perfectly good socks.

  • I sew up toes but heel holes are fun to darn with a felting needle and fleece!

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  • Kim, thanks for letting me know. I’ve been suspecting that my RSS feed isn’t updating as often as it should.

    Woodsy, I KNOW! It’s like looking in a mirror!

    Elmaks – Jocko and Bella. (And thanks for the heads up on the film – I’m off to check it out.)

    Oma, with fun results or a fun process? (The latter sounds unlikely…)

    Julia, that’s what GC did too.

    XUP, damn, you mothers know EVERYTHING!

    Mudmama, I’ve never ever had a hole in my heel.