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The Road Trip

Poutine & Steamies

Poutine & Steamies

GC and I found sitters for the pets and headed for the hills on Friday afternoon. We drove through Quebec along the winding, scenic 148, through the stinky town of Thurso, and then stopped at a casse-croute in Papineauville for a traditional supper of Steamies and Poutine. (Poutine, for those of you from “away” is a French-Canadian delicacy of french fries, cheese curds and gravy. Steamies are hotdogs.)

We arrived at our destination – a summer house on Lac Cardin, near Ste-Agathe – in time for a glass of wine before tumbling into bed.

Saturday we woke up in a different world. Ste-Agathe is ski country. It was the oddest thing to be surrounded by snow while the mercury climbed to an unseasonably summery 27 degrees Celsius (about 82F for my American friends).

GC sketching on the deck in his bathrobe

GC sketching on the deck in his bathrobe

We took chairs and coffee out onto the deck and sketched the lake, which was still labouring against a crust of ice. Bare feet. Ice. Snow. Sun beating down. It was weird and lovely.

Later we went into town and found an art supply store (GC bought a tin box of 12 pencils in varying shades of greys) and we had a delicious breakfast of french toast and fruit at at Restaurant des Mont.

Pottery House Under Construction

Pottery House Under Construction

Afterwards we toured around Val-David, and tried to go to a pottery shop. We couldn’t find the potter, but we saw the most amazing things in her back yard. She was building a house with pottery-filled wire walls!

Close-Up of Pottery House Wall

Close-Up of Pottery House Wall

Back at the summer house we played Trivial Pursuit. (I was so impressed that GC got this, since I had no idea: Which English and Spanish writers share April 23, 1616 as the date of their death?)

Then we hit the sauna. According to the thermostat, it was 90 degrees Celsius in there! A few more degrees and our wine would have boiled!

We had pumpkin-seed salad and barbecued kebabs for dinner, and we even managed to squeeze a little TV in. (TV is a novelty for me now because I don’t think I told you this before, but I sold my TV a few months ago.)

Around 3:00 am a noise woke me up. One of those noises like there’s a diabolical stranger creeping around the house with a big sharp pointy knife. Naturally I woke GC up and told him, and naturally he insisted on getting up to check it out. I didn’t want him to do that. I wanted him to cower under the blankets with me until the diabolical stranger found us and butchered us together in our bed. But GC insisted. (Afterwards he was kind enough not to suggest it was my imagination, but instead attributed it to “house noises.”)

Today we had to come back. Sigh. But it was a good drive home and we had breakfast again at the incredible breakfast place, and when we got home I was so happy to see Duncan even though he turned his back on me and pretended we’d never met.

My cat-sitter had taken advantage of my absence to redecorate my house. There were odd bits of art hanging in odd places all over the house. (He also left a note saying the state of my art studio made him feel better about the state of his den…but that’s okay, because my art studio is still in its pre-Getting-Things-Done state, while his den is in its permanent state.)

The other surprise waiting for me at home was news that I’d won an F-Word award for the Best Personal Feminist Blog over at A Creative Revolution. I love that! Thanks very much to Chrystal Ocean and Naci for the nomination, to the organizers for organizing it, and to everybody who took the time to vote. Also, kudos to the creative team behind this awards video. It’s hilarious.

5 comments to The Road Trip

  • That video is hilarious. All I can see is “I want my name up in lights too!”

    Congratulations, Knitnut, your award is well deserved.

  • My Aunt used to live in St. Andre -Avellin(I was 12 or 13 at the time)… on the way there we stopped at a chip wagon in Papineauville … I wonder if it was the same one

  • Em

    Congrats on the award! You definitely earned it! :) That video is great too.

  • Julia

    I am amazed by the snow on the deck!
    At least Duncan just showed you his back. The Dog had an accident in the house and I feel responsible, even though I had just walked him a few hours earlier.

  • Julia

    I finally watched the video and it is worth it for the music alone! Congrats again.