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Day I of Ottawa’s Best Weekend of the Year

This is traditionally my favourite weekend of the whole year. The Great Glebe Garage Sale and National Capital Race Weekend both happen this weekend! What more could a person ask of a single weekend?

GC and I were up at the crack of dawn today for the massive garage sales over in the Glebe. By the time we got there and found parking, it was 8:00 and the Glebe was already swarming with throngs of bargain hunters. I got my usual treasure-hunting adrenalin rush right off the bat, and GC looked pretty excited too. He’d never been to the GGGS, and he looked like a little kid in a candy store.

There’s something for everybody at the Great Glebe Garage Sale.

Hair Chairs

Hair Chairs

But not everything’s a treasure. I’m pretty sure you can buy toilet paper for less than $3 at your corner store.

$3 roll of toilet paper

$3 roll of toilet paper

Billy Boots

Billy Boots

My first purchase was a pair of billy boots for $2. I’ve been looking for genuine billy boots for awhile now, and I’m not sure they make them anymore. You might know them as gum rubbers, rubber boots or Wellingtons. GC and I are both originally from Montreal, and in Montreal they’re called Billy Boots. GC was deeply envious of my Billy Boot score, but he perked up when he found a Weather Report CD for a dollar.

Here’s my total haul for the day:

Zoom's Haul

Zoom's Haul

Clockwise from the Billy Boots:

  • Billy Boots $2
  • A box destined to become a Swap Box $1
  • Another box destined to become a Swap Box $1
  • The complete boxed set of The Borrowers for Mudmama’s kids $5
  • Eight National Geographics for art (GC bought these, but they ended up in my pile) $2
  • 2 rolls of wallpaper ends for art 25 cents
  • Bookbinding book and 2 packages of bookbinding boards: $3
  • 4 Charger Plates $1
  • A picture for a friend $1
  • An old school atlas 50 cents
  • Wallpaper Magazine 25 cents
  • Stuffed lamb 25 cents (GC bought this)
  • 6 Danish prints $2
  • A secret something, not pictured: $8

GC’s haul included a rain poncho, a CD, a rug and a Mexican pullover.

By noon we were fully weighed down and trudging slowly and my legs were hurting because the drugs were wearing off. So we dragged everything back to the car and went out for a sandwich. Then GC went back to his place to hang out with his brother while I had a three-hour nap. Three hours! (I have to rest up for the marathon tomorrow; marathon-watching is grueling.)

12 comments to Day I of Ottawa’s Best Weekend of the Year

  • Tom Sawyer

    A secret something? Okay, that begs the question: What was it?

  • Oma

    Well done! Next year I am leaving home at 6 a.m.!

  • Re

    I think the green box which is destined to be a swap box was originally a key holder from Ikea. And I happen to have one in my basement!

  • Gillian

    Good catch on the Borrowers. I read them, but I’m fairly certain I didn’t read 8 books.

  • I’ll be at the finish of the marathon at about 11am. My husband is running the half, so we’ll be there to see him finish (some of the later marathoners should be coming in about the same time).

    If you see a really frazzled lady with three dark-haired kids in tow, pulling a green wagon, then that’s me!

  • XUP

    Can’t you get those boots at Canadian Tire anymore? I bought the kid and me a pair a couple of years ago for around $12 a pair. Good haul. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to buy this year so I gave it a miss.

  • Deb

    I am curious what you are using the billy boots for? I bought a pair two years ago but they are orange with pink soles.

  • Yep, you can still get them at Zeller’s too, also twelve bucks. They also come with fancy designs.

    Proof they still make them, courtesy of Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made show!

    – RG>

  • I’ve always heard about the Glebe Garage Sale, but never been in town to see it personally. I guess that will all change next soon.

  • We arrived at the Glebe @ 9:00 and it was even packed then!..We got lots of good stuff though. At noon we met my daughter at the church near the Glebe Emporiam and tried to do a couple more streets but near Lyon & Glebe Ave, you could barely walk down the street. There was more people that I have ever seen!!!
    The only problem is trying to carry all the stuff you buy.
    I bought a spa whirlpool that you hook on to the side of your tub with 2 jets for $3.00. I am not sure about putting something that plugs in.. into the tub but I’ll make sure someone is around when I try it out.
    I loved my gum boots when I was a kid!!!

  • The kids will be so excited about the borrowers! They saw a movie of them and I said there are books – lots of books and they were jumping up and down with excitement!

  • Theor

    Gum rubbers were the footware every boy had to have when I was about 7 years old. My parents did not have a lot of money and so bought me an imported pair (probably from Japan in those days, not China). They were shiny black, did not have the red sole, and looked cheap. They made me wear them to school and I was terribly embarrassed, and of course the schoolyard bully had to laugh at them and stomp on my toe. I never got a real pair of gum boots until I owned a cottage and needed them to work in the wet ground. It was a joyous purchase.