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Look what I got!

Look what I got today!


Do you know what it is? Here’s a hint:


Here’s a really BIG hint:


I got the last available plot in the Organic Community Garden behind the Carlington Community Health Centre! Can you believe my good luck?

I’m very excited about this, even though gardening has never been my forte and my own yard is overtaken each year by forces beyond my control.

It might be a little tricky in the beginning. My back feels much better but it’s still quite weak and vulnerable to re-injury so I have to be careful. GC just had surgery on Tuesday, and he’s not allowed to lift anything heavier than a pound for awhile. But I figure I’ll drag the bags of sheep manure to the plot, and GC can sit on a stump in the plot and read to me while I dig and mulch and stuff. It’s going to be SO much fun.

12 comments to Look what I got!

  • gc

    It’s beautiful! The Dog wants to harvest the dandelions before we begin.

  • kim

    you will love it! We have a big garden every year. Yummy!

  • Congratulations! I am envious, but happy for you over there with your hands in the dirt.

  • Deb

    I guess lifting Duncan is out of the question for GC? Good plot…is it going to take away from your hours at Farm Town?

  • grace

    I just started my NEW JOB (patr-time) as gardener/landscaper on Wednesday and I’m in heaven! Nothing makes me happier than growing stuff even if has to be someone else’s for the time being.

    You will not need more than one zuccini . . .

  • Gillian

    Good for you! And perhaps it will inspire you in your own yard too. Count on going there every day! And good luck.

  • Melinda

    LISTEN TO GRACE (caps for deep booming voice, not yelling). That very wise woman speaks the truth about zuccinis.

    Just take it slow in the beginning and don’t overdo it. You never know, gardening might even strengthen your back, if you take it slowly. Maybe you’ll wind up with fewer problems. Here’s hoping anyway!

  • TechWood

    Consider square foot gardening in your backyard for things that require a fair bit of attention. You’ll have better control and more time to tend (not to mention this method reduces the task by 80% – YES I did say 80%). For things that require less work, but a lot of waiting – the community plot will probably serve you well.

    Everyone that I know of that’s done square foot gardening has amazing gardens that seem to produce very well. I’m trying my hand at it this year – I have about 8 different things in potting mix right now and another batch of stuff that I’ll plant direct from seed. I only have two rows for things that are considered difficult to grow in a sq. ft. garden (water melons being one of them).


  • Julia

    So that’s why you didn’t come to the bloggers’ breakfast! We missed you!

  • GC, no dogs allowed at the community garden, but he’s permitted to send an emissary.

    Kim, you can probably garden year-round, right? We have such a narrow window that by the time I get around to wrapping my head around gardening, it’s too late to plant! But I swear this year it’ll be different.

    Aggie, anytime you feel like getting your hands dirty, you let me know. I expect to be the Tom Sawyer of the gardening world.

    Deb, Duncan’s TAIL weighs more than a pound!

    Grace – Okay, I will heed the one zucchini rule, I promise. Tell me more about your new job!

    Gillian, good point, maybe it’ll rub off. I’m thinking of going with shrubs and ornamental grasses in my front yard, along the walkway. What do you think? (Not much direct sun except late afternoon – will it work?)

    Melinda, you’re even more of an optimist than I am!

    Techwood, I’m looking forward to visiting you and checking out your square foot garden. (Am I too late to start one in my back yard?)

    Julia – who went to the bloggers breakfast? What did I miss? Did anybody blog about it yet?

  • TechWood

    Zoom – now is the perfect time. I rarely buy books (about 1 a year on average). Today I went to Nature Lover’s Bookshop and asked for Mel’s book. To my suprise, they had it! I think it will prove to be one heck of a great investment.

    I’m documenting the whole experience, will tell you more in a bit.


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