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Subtle hues and square inch gardening

It seems GC is much better at distinguishing subtle hues than I am: he scored 11 and I scored 53 on the Munsell Hue Test yesterday. (Zero is a perfect score.) I’m sure his giftedness in this area is due to the fact that his father is an ophthalmologist, whereas my father is just a professional bridge player. Of course I concluded that the Munsell Hue Test is kind of dumb and a bit tedious, but GC thinks it is brilliant and tons of fun. We’ll let you be the judge.

Last night we finally planted our vegetable garden over at the Carlington Community Gardens. We planted both seedlings and seeds and I’m just a wee bit concerned we might have jammed too much stuff into too small a space. I mean, everything’s nice and roomy now, but maybe in a few months it’ll be overcrowded.

The plot is 10 feet by 12 feet. We planted chives (1), asparagus (2), beans (7), peas (5), zucchini (just 1, like Grace said), cilantro (5), eggplant (1), raspberries (3), onions (about 36), swiss chard (about 15), strawberries (2), lettuce (6), cucumbers (1), tomatoes (2), carrots (um…about 40), peppers (3). We left room for radishes, potatoes and basil.

Whadya think? Will it work? (We’re clearly novices at gardening, and all our neighbours at the community garden seem to have figured this out. They seem amused by us though, and like to watch us and chuckle and offer us gems of wisdom and practical tips.)

10 comments to Subtle hues and square inch gardening

  • Julia

    Gardening is always a work in progress and there really is no “right” answer. There are some “wrong” answers, but no one right one. You could look at some gardening books, to see what is out there. For small spaces, the old “victory garden” concept could be useful. PBS used to have a show called “The Victory Garden” and I think they put some books out on it. Or Harrowsmith publishing might have something useful.

    I haven’t finished getting plants for my garden but I did get some lettuce and already, something is eating it.

  • Julia

    PS there is something wrong with that spectral color web site. Even when you Google it and then click on it, you get an error.

  • Oh no! I double-checked the link and it’s the right link all right, but it’s not working. Hopefully the site’s just down temporarily.

  • Oma

    I was about to report the same problem no matter what route I tried.

  • Asparagus usually takes a couple of years before it will produce edible shoots, same with raspberries if you planted them from seed but the rest should do ok.

  • carole

    I tried that site too…to no avail :-(

    Oh well at least you know who carole cecile is now…right:-)

  • I’ve taken that test before and scored a zero. I thought I failed because I scored so much lower than my husband (who is a frustrated artist). It explains why my eyes hurt when I see some people’s color combinations!

  • Oma

    The test is up and working … but I am sure it is broken I scored so high … and here I thought the one artistic quality I possessed was an ability to see colour! Hmmph.

  • I am a big proponent of using up every square inch possible in a garden. This doesn’t sound like too much to me – but it all depends on how you planted it. Interplanting is the best way to plant tons in a small space. Like peas in between the strawberries, or onions between the beans. Right now in two 16×4 beds I have 14 tomato plants, 8 Packman broccoli, 12 pepper plants (orange sweet, red sweet, yellow sweet, jalepeno), 3 Fordhook straight neck summer squash, 2 Black Beauty zucchini, 1 spaghetti squash, 2’x4′ patch of garlic, an equal size block of American Flag leeks, two 8′ rows of mixed lettuce, a 2′ row of more garlic, a 4′ square of Maxibel green beans, a 2′ row of Blue Curled Vates kale, eight 4′ rows of various peas, and Bloomsdale spinach and Mammoth basil everywhere. I have intensive planted since I started veggie gardening. Every year my plants do well and I find even better ways to utilize the space.

    So ignore the jeering – they’re all just jealous!
    But do know that the raspberries will eventually take over the site if they like it there!

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