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The Sock Monkey Tintype Woman

Remember Kimberly Malysheff, the charming Sock Monkey Woman? Well she’s back, and this time it’s not about sock monkeys.

Kimberly and I share a love for tintypes, which are photographs on metal and which were all the rage back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Tintypes replaced daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, and made photography more accessible to the masses. They were cheaper and less fragile, so people started to lighten up a bit for photography. Sure, there are still lots of stern looking people in my antique tintype collection, but there are also touches of humour and more casual clothing, expressions and poses.

None of these photographic forms have completely died out. There are still working daguerreotypists and ambrotypists out there. Mike Robinson offers daguerreotype workshops in Toronto. And Kimberly, the Sock Monkey Woman, is offering a tintype workshop this summer right here in Ottawa!



She’s also got an exhibit of her own tintype art happening at the Manx (370 Elgin Street) from May 11 to June 7. Her vernissage is this Sunday May 17 from 5pm to 7pm.

5 comments to The Sock Monkey Tintype Woman

  • katie

    Gallery 44 in Toronto also has historical process workshops… there’s ones in ambrotype and albumen along with general historical processes later this month!

  • Deb

    How is it that you find people that have the same diverse interests as you…I find tin type/ dags so polar opposite to Sock Monkeys, yet you find the one other person on the planet that also collects/makes them both.

  • carole

    Susan, you never cease to amaze me!

    You still find the gems that inspire us (I love this art form…I own some of my own…). Despite the trials and tribulations you are braving at the moment, you still manage to entice and write so well and so ‘real’.

    You really are an inspiration and I thank you for all the great blogs and your courage for sharing EVERYTHING in your wonderful life.

    Bless you
    Carole :-)

  • I would LOVE to take this kind of workshop! That picture of you and James that I did as an icon would make such a beautiful tintype don’t you think?

  • Zoe

    My mama famous now!