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Post-weekend wrap-up

I’m waiting for the home care nurse to arrive. She’s dropping off syringes and gauze and other post-surgical necessities, in preparation for Wednesday. Remember back in the olden days when you’d stay in the hospital for a day or two after surgery? Now they send you home with drains and tubes in you and they give you and your loved ones little crash courses in post-operative nursing and they send people to your house to inject you with morphine.

What else is new? I tried to go to Propeller Dance’s show LIFT on Friday, but it was sold out. I heard later from my friend Donna that it was wonderful and moving. Next time I will buy my tickets in advance!

I met up with some bloggers for breakfast on Saturday, and we had fun. And then I saw some of them again on Saturday evening, at the Bloggers’ Wine & Cheese party at the Fringe Festival. I had a good time, even if the turnout was a little thinner than last year. I met some lovely people, including Jamine the Yoga Teacher. I also met several of the performers who are blogging on the Fringe Festival’s blog. I haven’t been to any of the plays yet, but I’m looking forward to checking some out this evening. (Have you been yet? Any recommendations?)

What else helped make this a good weekend? Finding out that the biopsy on my left breast lump came back negative, sweet juicy strawberries from the strawberry farm, breakfast with Grace and Steve, a visit to the vegetable patch, and having a dad to phone on Father’s Day.


Instead of a night in the hospital

Instead of a night in the hospital

The package was delivered by a delivery man, not a home care nurse. It included everything except a set of scrubs for GC.

19 comments to Post-weekend wrap-up

  • Lump on left breast negative!! Whoopeeeee!!!

  • It’s not often that a negative is a positive but this is one of those times.
    Good luck with the surgery and here’s to an easy recovery.

  • Susan H.

    As a cancer survivor and avid reader of your blog, I wanted to wish you good luck on Wednesday. It is so important to keep a positive outlook, especially during your treatment. I wish you all good things.

  • Yay for negative test results.

    Also my MASTECTOMY was day surgery. My surgeon said, “hospitals make people sick.” (or words to that effect. He’s a character) And you know what? I LOVED going home on the same day as my surgery. I loved being in my own space.

    I hope it all goes super smoothly (breast surgery is not technically hard or a big deal, medically) and that you, too find yourself happy to be home.

  • XUP

    Like Laurie says, as long as you have someone to help you out, going home is sooooooooooooooooo much better than being stuck in the hospital. If your resident attendant needs a break, I’m off Wed., Thurs. and Fri. of next week and available this weekend.

  • Laura Payton

    all the best…you’ve got a city full of well-wishers sending you positive vibes.

  • Oh, good news about the left breast lump.

    I am holding you tight, tight in my heart Zoom. Will be with you in spirit on the day of…

  • grace

    We went to see ‘Countries Shaped Like Stars’ at the Fringe on Sunday afternoon. It is absolutely charming. The performers, Emily Pearlman and Nicolas di Gaetano, have been added to the list of peole who owe me a box of kleenex.

    I’m sure GC will take good care of you even without the scrubs.

  • I’ll be thinking about you today, hoping your procedure is “textbook” and you’re home and healing well by the this time tomorrow. Much love to you and prayers for your health.

  • megabytes

    Hey Zoom, I’ll be thinking about you & sending you good vibes today. Fingers crossed, left hand only.

  • All my good thoughts and wishes will be with you on Wednesday. I think you’ll probably rest and reccuperate better and more easily at home in your love filled space.

  • lissa

    Very nice you have so much good energy being sent your way. Nothing but the very best to you Zoom, you will do great and how lucky you are not to have to stay in the hospital.

  • Gilles Seguin

    What more to say?
    We’re also thinking of you, and wishing you all the best…
    Gilles et Annie

  • Julia

    Great news about the left lump!! I am so pleased about that for you.

    The worst part about the surgery, I think, is the anaesthetic. When they send you home, just go lie down and stay there for as long as you can stand it. And hopefully, she will not need to give you a drain. Fingers crossed.

  • Rob

    My thoughts are with you, hope to see you soon. I am sure Duncan and Rob will be the best care givers you will have.
    Love Rob

  • Oma

    Love you Zoom… and remember what I said, GC … any time.

  • Em

    That’s so nuts that it’s just day surgery, but staying in the hospital sucks, so maybe it’s for the best.
    Fantastic news about the biopsy results. I’m so glad.
    Much love and good vibes! We’ll be thinking about you tomorrow.

  • Tom Sawyer

    I wanna see GC in scrubs! Um, well…maybe not.

  • Arden


    You’re lucky! You got to see the best show of the festival (and I like a lot this year) It’s gotten to the point where the tickets are sold out already 40 minutes before the show starts, and more! I love that show so much I’m going back to see it again on Friday