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Tick tock UPDATE

I’ve been given some tentative good news with respect to all the test results I’ve been waiting for – the bone scan, the chest x-ray, and the abdominal ultrasound all seem to be okay, according to someone who was kind enough to look them up for me. She cautioned me that she’s not a doctor and she’ll have the doctor call me later (she’s in surgery all day), but in the meantime, tentatively, it looks like the cancer has not spread beyond my breast and possibly my lymph nodes!

26 comments to Tick tock UPDATE

  • Gilles

    Hooray from the Peanut Gallery and Zoom Cheering Section!
    Not out of the woods, but good news, even unofficial good news, is welcome. Cheers, Zoom!
    Gilles and Annie

  • Joanna

    Fantastic! Celebrate!

  • Crossing my fingers and toes that the good news holds!

  • Oma

    Whew! Wonderful news, even if it is tentative. I don’t think a nurse would go out on a limb if she weren’t pretty sure. The medical profession has so many rules!

  • Julia

    Yay! And the rain has stopped too! Bonus.
    To celebrate, I am going to get a little sun on my face, provided I can find a dry chair.

  • Very, very good news. I am hoping that this is the only kind of news you get from now and for another sixty years.

  • Zoom,
    Good News Girl!!Waiting for the news is the hard part.
    I’m so glad GC was there yesterday for you.
    You will pull through this. Look at the Cheering Section you
    have.(We care) Your new garden should be coming up too. Celebrate!

  • Nancy

    That is absolutely great news!!!! Waiting is the hardest, and negative assurance is not the least bit assuring. I’m certain the person who gave you the news would have said nothing if she wasn’t sure.

    Now you can relax. Phew.

  • Absolutely fantastic news!!! 😀

  • Yay! As Oma said, good news.

  • TechWood

    AWESOME – I like hearing good news.

  • Oh I feel like I can finally breathe deeply again! I can only imagine how much more your body has relaxed!!!

  • I’m dancing and twirling around singing the Zoom, Zoom song!

  • Freddy

    Oh Zoom, we’ve been biting our fingernails all day wondering what the news would be. Hopefully the rest of your tests will turn out just as well! Hooray!

    Fred (and Lesley)

  • lissa

    Hot Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just love Good news. Hang in there girl, life is good even with lumps and bumps along the way. Enjoy this moment.

  • Linda Anne

    Way to go Zoom!! Great news – I’m so glad I checked your blog before turning off the computer tonight. Now go out and have some fun – take in the Art in the Gardens this weekend in the Glebe – hopefully we will have some good weather.

    Cheers – Linda Anne

  • Thanks so much, all of you! Just for the record, the surgeon called me tonight and confirmed her secretary’s diagnosis – there’s no evidence of any spread.

    Tomorrow’s the ultrasound, and hopefully it’ll contradict the MRI…but even if it doesn’t, I’m still celebrating.

  • future landfill

    Well done Zoom! Not a one of us has any lack of faith in your power of positivity, nor that of your best-wishers…

  • Bonnie

    great news! Sending best wishes for a good result on your ultrasound.

  • Yay!!
    Fingers crossed for nothing but good news.

  • I hope the mri shows lots of normal tissue there and the surgery and treatment can continue “normally” (whatever normal means in this context).

  • Arden

    I’m really glad to hear this! Hopefully the news will continue to be alright! *big hugs*

  • Woooo! I just had to explain to my wife why I was pumping my fist in the air and now she’s doing it too! So glad to hear this news – fingers crossed for the ultrasound and sending good thoughts!!!