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How to Blog Out Loud if you’re shy

Blog Out Loud is the brainchild of Lynn, from Diary of a Turtlehead. This event, which will be taking place next Thursday July 23rd at Raw Sugar, brings together about 25 local bloggers who will each read one of their blog posts out loud.

Out loud! With a microphone! While the audience LOOKS at them!

I’m starting to shake and sweat just thinking about it, which is why I’ve weaseled my way out of full-fledged participation. The unflappable XUP has kindly offered to read one of my posts out loud for me at the event.

I’ll be there, of course, because I think Blog Out Loud is a brilliant idea and Lynn has done an impressive job of pulling it – and us – all together.

So now I have to pick a post from my blog archives for XUP to read. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Question for Lynn: Is this event open only to bloggers, or can anybody go?

Quick question for you Mac users. How do you save an image from a web page? On a PC you right-click it and choose save as, but I can’t figure out how to do it in Safari.

16 comments to How to Blog Out Loud if you’re shy

  • gc

    I think all you have to do is to drag it to your desktop

  • I think right clicking should still work in Safari, though the wording of the option may be different.

    Firefox is a better option, anyhow, and nearly identical between operating systems.

  • Via e-mail, Lynn writes: “…Raw Sugar has seating for about 40 and can pack in a maximum of 80 people. Right now I’m expecting at least 40 attendees…”

    – RG>

  • Jo

    Hi zoom,

    Just click drag it to your desktop. Super easy. When I switched to Mac I always got stumped by things like that because they were so simple!

    I find though, if you google whatever you want to do (with the word “mac” after it) there is usually a helpful web forum that will explain it.

  • My favourites are anything to do with Duncan, but I particularily like the GC-Cat Pee series!

  • XUP

    Lynn has sent out VIP passes for people to get into the event, so probably dude off the street won’t be able to get in. I would love to read the story of your life — the blog where you talk about how you were a single mom and went to school and got a job. OR the one about your husband. OR anything really except maybe the recent ones about your illnesses because then I’ll cry and then I won’t read so good.

  • It’s definitely open to any and all who want to come out. At the very least, I don’t think Nadia at Raw Sugar would be too happy if we try to block her good paying customers from entering!

    I would definitely recommend getting there early. There are 15 readers plus a few photo bloggers, and if only the readers show with a friend each, we’re already at the seating capacity. I’ve heard from at least 10-15 other bloggers who are coming out for sure, so…arrive early!

    That said, I hope everyone who is thinking of coming comes on out…even if we’re a bit crowded I think it will be an awesome night.

  • grace

    I vote for the single mom-school-job one too because I was in my kitchen listening to that CBC interview lo these many years ago. That interview charged me politically then and caused me to root deeper with the feminist mothering organization I was part of at the time. And then I grew up and got to meet the lady behind the mic. . .

    XUP, take kleenex.

  • Lisa in Toronto

    I agree that if in doubt, try Firefox!
    One can right click (or CTRL+click if you don’t have a two button mouse) to save the image as …

  • Nat

    Wish I’d thought of that….

    Next life, I’m doing a photoblog. LOL.

  • Leanne

    My vote goes for one of your posts about addiction.

  • Melinda

    I think something from Duncan MUST be read, but the addiction posts are good too. They need to be shared.

    Go you for participating at all! I’d be fleeing the country in your position.

  • Julia

    Lisa beat me to it. Hold down the Control key and click “copy” and then it will be on your invisible note pad and then open what app you want to paste it in, go to “edit” and click “paste”.

  • THanks for that, all of you. I went ahead and installed Firefox and it feels more intuitive to me. The right-click takes a little getting used to on a one-button Mac mouse, but I’m getting the hang of it. And the control-click works well too. Jo’s right about getting stumped by things because they’re too easy. (Although there are PLENTY of keyboard shortcuts that aren’t all that intuitive…)

    As for the post to read at BOLO, hmm, I think I’m more inclined to go with a humorous one than a serious one. I’ll give it some more thought – and I’m still open to suggestions. (But don’t worry XUP, I won’t pick one that will make you cry.)

    Grace, I still find it amazing that you heard and remember that radio interview! Our lives have been entwined from a distance for some time now I think.

  • Oh! Oh! The ones about your ex husband! They make me laugh so hard that I cry.

    Sorry that I’m laughing at what was probably a very crappy relationship…. Jeez…

  • jay

    I laughed so hard at the one about how you knew about Santa before your sister. I think you should pick that one.