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Remember a couple of months ago when GC and I got our community garden plot? Well the most amazing thing has happened! We planted stuff, it grew, and now we’re EATING it. I’m not even kidding!



Last night we ate a green pepper and some tomatoes and swiss chard from our very own garden patch. And a strawberry too. (Yes, just one. But it was the best strawberry either one of us had ever tasted.)

And look at this. Zucchini bread! I made it this afternoon from a homemade zucchini!

Homemade Zucchini Bread made with Homemade Zucchini

Homemade Zucchini Bread made with Homemade Zucchini

I had no idea it was so easy to make a vegetable. You just give it a little bit of a helping hand to get started – like, you push a seed into the soil – and then it practically makes itself.

Zoom & GC's Garden Patch

Zoom & GC's Garden Patch

Every time we visit the plot, which is about twice a week, we’re astounded by how much bigger everything is. You’d think we’d get used to it, but we don’t. We’re amazed every single time.

It’s magic.

12 comments to Magic

  • grace

    And that is why I love my job and miss my garden with all my heart.

  • Gwen

    That is awesome! I am enjoying my first tomatoe plant. It’s in a pot though. There’s nowhere on our property to plant a garden really. Wonder how they keep the rodents out of yours? I know they have resident cats in the community garden by us.

  • This is why I garden, too. It’s a window into the incredible tenacity, persistence and beauty of life. I rejoice with the first tender shoots of green in the spring; nurture, thin, pinch, mulch, and discourage bugs all through the summer; put my beds to sleep in the fall after reveling in the harvest; and dream all winter long of the life to come.

  • Yum! Can we have your zucchini bread recipe?

  • It really is magic. We’re growing Tomatoes, Garlic, Peas, and Pumpkins. (I planted beans, but they don’t appear to be thriving…)

    It really is neat though, to see how everything grows. I need to weed more, but it’s mostly just clover 😉

  • Nat

    Oh lovely… care to share your zucchini loaf recipe with us?

  • Here’s the recipe: Mom’s Zucchini Bread. There might be better ones out there, and I’m sure there are healthier ones, but this one’s pretty tasty.

  • Julia

    The local rabbits kept eating my lettuce but finally they gave up and it grew enough for us to have our first salad made from home-grown lettuce last night. It was swell.

    Congrats on your bounty!

  • I love the magic of the garden :-)

    Nature Girl and Wind Thing have a favorite garden book called And The Good Brown Earth, it has a repeating line through all four seasons “And the good brown earth got on with doing what the good brown earth does best”

    I think you’d love it :-)

  • XUP

    I think it’s so serendipitous that you have this garden at this particular time in your life.

  • great vege patch. I’ve got lettuce, rocket, basil, mint and rosemary growing in pots….

  • I think the timing of the garden is serendipitous too. I was thinking about that just last night as I was stir-frying a whole bunch of veggies, some of which were from my garden. It all ties together so well – the illness, the craving for healthful foods, especially veggies, and the veggie garden.