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Zucchini-Bikini Update and Blogging Out Loud

1. The Ebay auction for the Great Big Zucchini in the Little Wee Bikini is ending today around noon. There have been four bids so far, with the current bid standing at $2.22. People! At $1.79 a pound, this zucchini is worth at least $9.12! Not to mention the original bikini by Ottawa designer Julia Ringma, which is priceless!

2. Speaking of giant zucchinis, Grace dug up this picture of herself and her giant zucchini from back in the day. My zucchini and I think Grace and her zucchini are adorable.


3. Blog Out Loud Ottawa was held on Thursday night at Raw Sugar, and it was a lot of fun. I loved listening to the stories. Some of them were hilarious, and others were sweet. If you wish you could have been there, the full list of links to the original blog posts is on the BOLO blog. Many thanks to XUP who was kind enough to share her top-notch public speaking skills with me. She did a terrific job of reading my post, The Dead Dave Wall, for me. (Her own post, Tomato Soup, delivered in a a slightly sultry, slightly southern accent, was superb.)

Okay, I have to go stake some giant tomato plants now, and then go eat a bowl of grizzled tendons or something at Dim Sum. Have yourselves an excellent Sunday, and don’t forget to bid on that zucchini before noon. You know you want it!

P.S. Happy Birthday Dad!

7 comments to Zucchini-Bikini Update and Blogging Out Loud

  • Jo

    Grizzled Tendons! Ha! A perfect fake punk band name.

  • lucy

    I would have bought your giant zucchini, bikini and all, but I already have a fridge-drawer full of regular sized store-bought zucchinis to cook this weekend and then after that I think I’ll be all zucchinied out for the next few days.

    In answer to your question, no, we don’t live in Carlington but am considering moving there – the area with the veterans’ houses. Seems like a nice neighbourhood – small houses with fairly big yards.

    And I would NEVER be able to get my son to eat licorice.. yuck, even I can’t eat it myself! But we’ve gotten him to eat brussels sprouts a few times, so I’m not complaining.

    Enjoy your dim sum!

  • Oh, darn, I was so busy today, that I forgot to go bid. Maybe you will have another one up for sale soon…

  • XUP

    It was a priviledge to read one of your blog posts out loud. I’m glad you felt I did it justice. (Such a story!!) I hope you ended up getting enough for that zucchini so you can buy yourself some nice surgery!

  • If I had noticed the auction while it was running, I would have bid more than the winner did.

  • Miss Z

    Hi All

    just a note to let you know about my further adventures. I stopped at a consultation on my way to my new home.

    The cat at this home found me intimidating so we never did get a picture together.

    I then became a dinner guest at the home of some young men.

    I am not sure if it is a good thing but they have now named me Zucchini fries.

    Thank you for following my adventures

  • Thanks Miss Z for sharing the rest of your adventures with us. It was a pleasure growing you and knowing you!