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Another thing you must never do

Last night we went to Irene’s Pub to see Hella Stella perform, because how often do you get an opportunity to see one of your favourite people performing at one of your favourite pubs? Fellow bloggers Milan and La Canadienne were there too. Hella Stella was excellent, as always, and we even stayed for a bit of The Gruff, a mostly-female roots-country band. We liked them but it was getting late and we were getting sleepy.

Remember that post I wrote about cancer etiquette? Well. It seems I neglected to put something on the “Do Not Do” list. Something that actually happened on the way out of Irene’s last night.

We stopped by the cash to pay our bill, and the bartender, Kim, asked me how things were going with the cancer.

“Good,” I said, “Everything’s been good lately.”

Then she reached over, cupped both my breasts in her hands and squeezed gently. “Are they both still yours?” she asked.

I kid you not. She did that. There are witnesses.

This is an absolutely classic example of something you ought not do, under any circumstances, to anybody you know with breast cancer. Kim, however, is probably the only person in the entire universe who could get away with it. She’s outrageous and audacious and I’ve known her for 25 years. So while I couldn’t believe she actually did that, it mostly just struck me as funny. And weird. Definitely weird.

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