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Two similar things happened yesterday while we were out grocery shopping.

GC was pushing my wheelchair across the parking lot, and then suddenly he stopped. I looked up at him and he leaned down and kissed me. We both looked up in time to see a young woman with flowers smiling at us.

A few minutes later, as we were wheeling up the juice aisle, he stopped again to lean down and kiss me. When we looked up, there was another young woman standing a few yards away, rooted in place, beaming at us. Beaming!

Later we were reflecting on these two incidents, and we were surprised to discover that we had two quite different explanations of why the women smiled.

“Ask the blog,” GC suggested.

Because, as you know, the blog knows everything. It’s like the Magic 8-Ball or something.

And so, wise Blog, I am asking you: Why were the women smiling?

26 comments to Ask the blog

  • XUP

    A little romance and cute babies are always guaranteed to make people smile.

  • I’m not sure if it’s because you’re just cute (that’s what people tell me when my husband and I hold hands in public. We’re both 51 years old and apparently it’s just not done if you’re out of your teens) or if (and here’s the cynical part)it’s because of the wheelchair. “How nice that he still loves you even though you’re disabled enough to need a wheelchair”. I work with people with disabilities (mental and physical) and see this kind of attitude every day.

    I really hope it’s because you’re cute….

  • There is no “why.” This is a bit like explaining a joke, isn’t it?

    Joy in other’s joy is one of the blessings of being human. Sorry to sound soppy, but that’s really all there is to it–and that’s a big enough “all” for me, by the way.

  • Because love is awesome.

  • Jo

    I vote for Because You’re Cute. I always smile at couples being cute. People smile at the Man of Science and I when we’re being cute. Cuteness = smiling.

  • People kissing = cute.
    Old people kissing = super cute.
    Old folks kissing and one of them’s in a wheelchair? So cute it’s off the scale!

  • Kelvin

    Wait, nobody’s going for the “GC kissed you to show that he’s taken” hypothesis?

  • That was me in disguise. Both times. I have a knack for dressing up as a short young woman without facial hair. You didn’t recognize me?

    – RG>

  • megabytes

    I’m going with the joy in others’ joy, but with the additional comment that I bet the smilers also had their own private store of joyful thoughts/ memories that were activated by the kissing & cuteness. You know what I mean? When you’re happy, others’ happiness = more happiness. Conversely, when you’re sad/ lonely/ ferocious, others’ cuteness/ happiness can lead to bad places.

  • Lissa

    I go with ‘energy’. You two are sending really good energy out to the universe and these women picked up on it. This is how it is supposed to work in my book. If you had been unhappy no one would be smiling or even noticed you. Isn’t love grand?????????

  • RealGrouchy is funny. :)

    I definitely think the girls were smiling because they were touched, and thought you were lovely together, and were hoping to find the same thing someday.

    Did GC think they were laughing at you?

  • I say it’s ’cause you’re adorable and love rox. When you witness someone’s private lurve…in public…you can’t help but smile hugely. I’m smiling right now and getting misty just thinking about it.

  • Deb

    I smile every time I look at you two, too. You both beam when you look at each other and it is catching.

  • Nancy

    Did you notice Robin called you “Old Folks”?! If you are, then: Pot. Kettle. Black.
    I think seeing people happy makes people happy, unless the viewers are very unhappy themselves.

  • Carmen

    …because displays of affection are very rare in public and it makes others (women??) swoon…. keep it up, you’re making this place a better world.

  • Em

    Sometimes people and situations just “click” and it creates something great. And it could have nothing at all to do with what you think it does, since everyone brings a different interpretation. Just be happy that you made some folks smile! :)

  • Well, it’s true that “blogs know everything.” LOL I first started following your blog because yous was the name I had intended to use – you beat me to it. I was new to the blogging and decided to follow yours. I’m very happy I did.

    I don’t comment very often, but I want you to know that your blog really DOES know everything. I simply love it and I wish the very, very, very, very, very best for you.

  • Joy breeds joy.
    Love breeds love.
    Dig it, girl, you’re a carrier. 8)

  • Real Grouchy isn’t kidding. He’s already fooled me once with his ability to become a cute indie girl on a bike.

    Zoom and GC, if I didn’t know you and had seen you two kissing, I would have smiled too. You guys are so sweet together… beautiful energy exudes in buckets.

    So, what’s your theory Zoom? What’s GCs?

  • Nat

    I’m with Woodsy, you two really are very cute. If it makes you feel any better people are forever smiling at us during our many PDAs.

    I do think that the “tending to the little woman in the wheelchair” might have something to do with it.

  • grace

    Last Saturday a teenaged waitress asked us, as a nod to Steve’s mobility issues, if we preferred ‘close seating’. I was in a silly mood and grabbed him and said we always preferred to be seated close. Everytime she wandered by our table she shot me a big grin. Given that we’re older than you and GC, we have cuteness in spades!

  • Re

    Regardless of age or ability, some couples are just so cute together that it makes me smile. Whenever I see my neighbor’s teenage son w/ his girlfriend I just have to smile – she is his first girlfriend and they are just so cute and awkward together :) The other day we saw a couple on a motorcycle rolling down the highway. When we got close we saw that there was a handmade “Just Married” sign on the back of the motorcycle. That was so cute that I almost cried (and yes I am a sentimental mush). At my Aunt’s 60th birthday party her neighbors, who I think are a wonderful couple (they have been married for over 60 years!), came up to DH and I and told us that we were such a nice young couple and wished us well.

  • Awwww….you guys have such sweet answers, except for Robin! GC and I have now completely forgotten why WE thought those women were smiling. We now realize that we hold in our hands (and our lips) the power to bring about world peace, and it’s our responsibility (and pleasure) to do so.

  • Lo

    Because women love love!

  • in my experience, that beaming does tend to happen more often when one of the parties is in a wheelchair. I could say all kinds of cynical things about that, most of which would be true – I don’t see my able-bodied friends get the same sort of reaction when their partners gives them as when it happens to me.

    But the romantic in me also think it has a lot to do with women in particular seeing actual proof that real love doesn’t depend on looking like Angelina Jolie. That there are good men who love who you are instead of just the exterior and that a woman can be – and feel like – a goddess at all ages, shapes and ability levels. That’s a powerful message.

  • I agree with some, small signs of affection seem to bring out the best in others. My boyfriend and I hold hands a lot and we often get people saying things like “that is so cute” or “that is adorable”.