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The mayor and the neurosurgeon

Mayor Larry and his necklace

Mayor Larry and his necklace

I’m taking a philosophical approach to Mayor Larry O’Brien’s acquittal on influence peddling charges. The worst thing about his lack of conviction is that, at least until the next election, we have to let him sit on the throne and wear the stupid necklace and swagger around Ottawa like he owns the place. And we have to pay for and put up with an ineffective City Council that operates in perpetual opposition to itself.

I still believe Mayor Larry was guilty of trying to circumvent democracy through the use of sleazy under-the-table methods, but was acquitted because the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt was not met. Fair enough. I’m sure he’s suffered sufficiently as the case worked its way through the criminal justice system. Regardless of the outcome, being charged with a crime and spending months or years dealing with it, is hugely stressful no matter who you are.

Hopefully the whole experience will have taught him something. I don’t know what exactly. Maybe something about humility or fair play or democracy or not being such an idiot.

Anyway, that’s that. It’s time for all of us to put this whole thing behind us and let Mayor Larry get back to the business of being the most inexperienced, dysfunctional and bizarre mayor since Toronto’s Mel Lastman.

(I haven’t had a chance yet to see what the other local bloggers have said about the acquittal, but I did make a point of checking the ESI site for Coyote’s reaction, and was not disappointed.)

In the good news department, I met with the neurosurgeon – Dr. Howard Lesiuk – today. I liked him a lot. He saw me at exactly 10:30, which was the actual time of my appointment, and he took the time to ask lots of questions, answer lots of questions, and explain everything thoroughly.

He said that as far as structural problems go, mine is severe and requires surgery. The procedure is called a microdiscectomy.

There’s an 80% chance that this surgery will help me, a 15% chance that there will be no improvement, and a 5% chance that I’ll be worse off after the surgery.

He was very apologetic as he told me he’s not going to be able to do my surgery until September.

September! 2009! Next month!

But then we talked about my breast cancer, and decided to wait a little longer, until after my radiation, to do the back surgery. If all goes well – ie, if I don’t need chemo and if there’s no backlog in radiation – we’re looking at surgery in October.

October! 2009! The month after next!

This is such incredibly good news I can’t even believe it. I fully expected to be told I’d be having surgery in a year or two.

I think my luck is changing. :)

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