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Red jello, pain and power tools

Tomorrow’s the big day: my date with the neurosurgeon! September 11th. (I found a little video that illustrates what happens in a microdiscectomy, if you’re interested.)

I’m pretty excited about this surgery. I get to spend a night in the hospital, which is kind of a big deal these days. I’m going to lie in my hospital bed and do puzzles in a puzzle magazine and read my new novel, You Remind Me of Me by Dan Chaon. I might get red jello for dessert. And I should know pretty soon after surgery if the surgery worked.

If the pain is gone, it worked.

The pain fluctuates, depending on whether I’m sitting or standing and when I took my last painkiller, but it has been my more-or-less constant companion for six months. I might be pain-free by tomorrow afternoon! I might be able to walk – like, really walk – again. My life might go back to normal. I might be able to take buses downtown and walk to the grocery store and go hiking in the Gatineaus. I might even be able to walk to my radiation appointments. (Did I tell you? They’re going to be at the Civic Hospital, which is only a 20-minute walk from my place.) In a couple of months, I might be able to go cross-country skiing again. I might even be able to take up running again. And I might start doing yoga. And Tai-Chi. And Poi.

There’s an 80% chance of all that, according to my surgeon. And a 15% chance that there won’t be any difference. And a 5% chance that I’ll be worse off because of the surgery.

So it’s a little bit scary too.

In other news, I accomplished something yesterday that made me glow with pride. Remember back on April 2 when my closet organizer collapsed on my head? Well, a little while later I bought a new closet organizer, and it has been sitting in its box in the closet for months. Yesterday I installed it! It doesn’t sound like a big deal but there were hundreds of parts and one of those complicated schematic drawings and very few words, and I used power tools and everything. I had to take a couple of coffee breaks because my leg was hurting, but eventually I got her done. And it’s nice and sturdy too. I’m so impressed with myself. And wow, is it ever nice having a closet again!

What else? Woodsy’s coming for lunch!

3 comments to Red jello, pain and power tools

  • XUP

    Well, I’m very impressed that you built something sturdy from a schematic drawing and hundreds of parts. Nevermind the power tool part! I don’t have the patience to even attempt anything like that. So, “wooo-hooo” for you. (Hi Woodsy)

  • reb

    Go Zoom Go

    I look forward to hearing of your FULL recovery and the new adventures that this allows.

    I am contemplating the task of taming my closet do you mind sharing the info on this sturdy closet organizer?

  • That’s a really cool video! I hope once you get a bed it solves your ills!