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Chocolate, books and adorable cats

Still Life with Duncan

Still Life with Duncan

My friend Fiona dropped by for a visit last night.

“What do you need?” she asked before she came over, “What can I bring?”

“I don’t need anything,” I replied, and then added as a crafty afterthought, “Except maybe a Mars Bar.”

(You can get away with this sort of thing when you’re recovering from surgery.)

She showed up with these gorgeous flowers (don’t you just love the cabbage?) and some magazines and TWELVE Mars Bars. Four original Mars, four Mars Dark, and four Mars Caramel. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. (One down, eleven to go.)

What else is new? I got me a writing teacher/mentor/coach! And a whole pile of writing books, mostly gleaned from your suggestions. (But you know how is…’oh, if you like that book, you’ll love this one!’)

  • Writing the Memoir, by Judith Barrington
  • On Writing, by Stephen King
  • What It Is, by Lynda Barry
  • Page After Page, by Heather Sellers
  • Chapter After Chapter, by Heather Sellers
  • No Plot? No Problem, by Chris Baty
  • Fearless Confessions: A Writer’s Guide to Memoir, by Sue William Silverman

It’s a bit overwhelming. But the good kind of overwhelming, not the kind that makes you wish you hadn’t done it.

In other news, one of Paddy Mitchell’s old girlfriends has been emailing me lately. She figures prominently in his book, and she only recently found out that he died in prison a couple of years ago. Yesterday she emailed me a bunch of cute animal pictures and some of the cats were too adorable to keep to myself. (Sorry I can’t credit the photographers – I don’t know who they are. But a proverbial tip of the hat to Janet.) (Click for larger versions.)






This one’s not a cat, but it’s special for GC.

Little Dogs

Little Dogs

9 comments to Chocolate, books and adorable cats

  • Mo

    Great to hear you are pursuing your writing passion. I am too (in my own way), I plan on starting a journal (daily). The cat pictures are adorable!

  • Mo

    puppy pic is adorable too!

  • The pics are simply adorable. LOVE the look on the jumping cat’s face!

  • Connie

    I have a copy of Bird by Bird by Anne Lamotte. If you want it I will mail it to you, no charge. Email me your address if you do. Hope your back is healing and your pain is getting diminished!!

  • Oh!!! Love the pictures! Love that cabbage!

    Our favorite picture here (the collective voted) is the kitty crawling in baby mice or rats. People who say cats are expressionless really must be blind.

    How are you feeling???

  • gc

    My favourite picture is the Old Timer Golden with 2 black gargoyles. Logan’s favourite is the one of the 5 puppies at feeding time. He also comes from a litter of five and he thought this was one of his family portraits. Don’t you love the way they lie like that? They look a bit like baby seals.

  • Awesome cat pictures… and there’s never any harm in asking for a Mars bar. My personal favorite is Coffee Crisp :)

  • XUP

    My kitty used to be cute and photogenic before he turned into a satelite dish.

  • I think my favourite is the cat with the mice on his head. But I do have a soft spot for brown tabby kittens, so the one poking through the blinds makes me smile too.