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Happy Birthday, Me!

I’m having a very happy birthday today. For starters, I woke up and the migraine I’ve been living with since Tuesday was pretty much gone. Even though it’s been a brutal year, health-wise, the one bright spot has been headaches. Maybe it’s because of the drugs I’m taking, maybe it’s because I don’t have a job, I don’t know. But I’ve had far fewer migraines this year than other years. And there’s nothing like waking up without a migraine after several days with your skull in a vice-grip – you feel so much happier to be alive. You feel lighter and freer and more energetic and creative.

By 9:30 this morning I’d completed all my medical appointments for the day: wound check at the surgeon’s office (it’s coming along nicely, they said), radiation, and blood tests. (The nurse had a hot flash while taking my blood, and had to roll her forehead on the cool stainless steel tray for a bit of relief.) I had the pleasure of running into an old friend as I was leaving the hospital, so I even got a hug before I left.

GC picked me up and took me out for breakfast, which included an apple-cranberry muffin to save for later (I thought of you Laura – happy birthday to you too, and I hope you got your apple-cranberry muffin too).

I got a postcard in the mail from Woodsy – sent from the Elmdale Tavern! My Dad called! My Facebook wall was covered in birthday greetings! There’s a home-made banana-butterscotch-chocolate cake sitting in my kitchen. Everywhere I look, it’s my birthday!

But wait, there’s more! [Insert drum roll here]

I’m going to get my hair done today, and I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy about a haircut in my life. I haven’t been to the hairdresser’s since February. I figured there wasn’t any point since I had cancer, which meant chemo, which meant all my hair was just going to fall out anyway. But I was wrong, and now I have long unruly hair that needs to be tamed. I’m going to keep growing it for awhile, but today I’m going to get a good cut to shape it and give it direction.

The other exciting thing about going to the hairdresser is that I get to ride a bus for the first time in six months. (You know you need to get out more when the prospect of a trip on the #14 is a little bit thrilling.)

Life is good. Very, very good.

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