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More of the same

Urban cornfield on the way home from the hospital

Urban cornfield on the way home from the hospital

I just got back from yet another visit to the surgeon. My back incision is infected now. He says the outside doesn’t look too bad, but the inside? Not so good. He did some stuff you don’t want to hear about, and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. The nurse re-dressed it and gave me some medical supplies to bring home with me, just in case it explodes or something over the weekend.

I have to go back on Tuesday morning, before my first radiation appointment.

I’m feeling a little bit down today.

10 comments to More of the same

  • Kelly

    Perhaps this may or may not give you a bit of a lift: I am walking on Sunday (Run/Walk for the Cure) and YOUR name (well Zoom, don’t know your real one) will be on my T-shirt with other incredible women I know!! Be well Zoom. Remember there can’t be peaks without valleys.

  • Gilles

    Cheer up, friend…

    Thinking happy thoughts for you
    Annie and Gilles

  • Sending lots of healing thoughts dear sister!

    I think you need a vacation from your body! When I had 9 month all day morning sickness my midwives advised going on mini holidays. Just getting out of your usual house and routine could alleviate the sickness for that period. I think more than alleviating the vomitting it shifted my thinking which was being dragged down a depressing path by the stress of constant illness, and that stress made the sickness worse..

    Do you have a local friend who would be happy to have you lying around their place for a couple of days? I expect you have DOZENS!

  • Connie

    Unasked for advice to follow: Infected wounds should not be left in the same warm, moist dark dressing for 3 days. At least once a day, and twice if its draining heavily, the wound should be cleaned with normal saline and patted dry with guaze, then a clean dressing applied. If you are able to contact anyone at the hospital you are using, ask if this is what they intended with the extra supplies they sent home with you. Warm thoughts to you!!

  • Kelly, that DOES cheer me up a bit. Are you walking in Ottawa?

    Gilles and Annie, thank you. I love both those songs.

    Mudmama, I’m taking a break on Monday. Details to follow…

    Connie, thank you. You’re right. They did tell me to change the dressing on Sunday, and sooner if it appeared to be necessary. (They didn’t say anything about saline, but I still have bottles of it left over from the first surgery and home care, so I’ll do that too.)

  • Kelly

    Zoom: Yes I will be walking in Ottawa.

  • Hmmm…maybe I’ll rise up from my couch for an hour or so and go watch. Where is it?

  • Em

    Hang in there Zoom! They caught it and it’s being dealt with, so it’s just a minor setback considering all you’ve been going through. I agree with Mudmama – taking a break from your usual setting might cheer you up!

  • felonius bunk

    thik about mr. beer, stoutly charging up the stairs with a water squirter, while the tub’s been filling up that big green plastic garbage can – his glee at the sandwich…

  • Julia

    I am sorry to hear this but I am glad it has been caught and now I am wishing you get well as fast as possible!