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The annual statistical snapshot of

My blogiversary snuck past me! I launched on October 11th, 2005. I like to celebrate its birthday every year by taking a little statistical snapshot and highlighting any highlights from the previous year.

As of October 11th, 2009, there were 1013 posts on, and 9458 comments.

# of POSTS
Year 1: 205
Year 2: 235
Year 3: 296
Year 4: 277
TOTAL: 1,013

Year 1: 491
Year 2: 1136
Year 3: 3693
Year 4: 4138
Total: 9,458

(The 1,000th post, by the way, was the Appeal for Creative Writing Resources. Maybe I’ll have a contest for the 10,000th comment…)

Even though my total annual number of posts dropped slightly for the first time since I started blogging, you continued to comment in record-breaking numbers! I thank you for that…comments are the icing on a blogger’s cake. (Speaking of cake, tomorrow’s my birthday and I think GC is going to make me a banana butterscotch cake!)

Here’s a Statcounter graph of traffic to from October 4 to October 11, 2009.

Statcounter Traffic Graph for - October 4-11, 2009

Statcounter Traffic Graph for - October 4-11, 2009

Here’s my Statcounter monthly traffic report: Traffic Report: Oct.08-Sept.09 Traffic Report: Oct.08-Sept.09

That big spike there in December was from the Bank Street Bully post, which was my most-read post ever, thanks to everybody who shared the link all over the world.

Four of the five most-commented-upon posts ever (as determined by the Popular Post widget over there in the left sidebar) were written in the past twelve months.

Here’s my quarterly traffic report from the beginning of 2006 to September 2009.


According to Feedburner, KnitNut now has 346 subscribers, up from 222 a year ago. I like seeing my numbers inching upwards. The actual numbers don’t interest me as much as the trend, but in this case I like the trend and the number.

Technorati used to be a pretty good indicator of how a blog was faring, but over time it seems to be have lost its usefulness and credibility. However, since I’ve been tracking it each year in my blogiversary snapshot, I’m including it. The rankings vanished with their recent makeover, but my Technorati “authority” increased from 40 to 128. This means nothing, since they changed their methodology without providing any explanation of how the new and supposedly improved methodology works.

According to Statcounter and Google Analtyics, the following search terms continue to draw droves of people to this blog: “ears squeak when I blow my nose,” “22-inch penis” (and its variations, including “21.2 inch penis”), “women’s change rooms” and “suppository stories.” A few more have been added this year, including: “ottawa police brutality,” “minto park monument names,” “how do you know if your cat loves you,” “how can you tell if your cat is intelligent,” big zucchini,” “tiny penis,” “Smarties colour distribution,” “naked bike ride,” and “Duncan, the Norwegian Forest Cat.”

Some of the more unusual search terms this year include: “how to reconcile with my boyfriend who sees me as a nut,” “decapitation on a double-decker bus,” and “knitted wasp nests.”

That about sums things up for the fourth year of Thank you all for reading, for leaving comments, and for giving me a reason to keep on writing.

12 comments to The annual statistical snapshot of

  • reb

    Happy blogversary and Happy Birthday

    This is also Poverty Week in Ottawa with Many activities to ‘celebrate’ it. I hope you have time to do a modified Stand up either at one of the events between Oct 16-18 or if you actually follow Dr’s orders do register an be counted.

  • Hey zoom!

    Congrats on your numbers! I wish that my blog has the same number of readers someday — the numbers seem to have dropped off actually, even after only five posts :( I’m kind of getting the feeling that my writing isn’t really that interesting — and that my stories are kind of lame.

    But enough of that — congrats and here’s to another great year of politically charged blogging!

    -Junkie Monkey

  • Leanne

    Happy blogiversary and happy birthday!

    Thank you for continuing to be the highlight of my blog reading. I may not comment often, but I’m always here.

  • Malva

    Happy Birthday and Happy Blogiversary!

  • You’re right, comments are the icing on the cake. It’s nice to know that someone feels strongly enough to leave a comment.

    Happy Birthday! Banana Butterscotch cake sounds positively yummy! I hope your back is feeling better and is healing nicely.

  • Happy Birthday Zoom!!

    A silent, loyal reader.

  • Viva le Knitnut!

    Have a great birthday, Zoom. xx

  • Happy Blogiversary and Happy Birthday!
    Enjoy your cake!

  • Payton

    Happy birthday twin! Hope you got your cranberry apple muffin today too.

  • lucy

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy the cake!

  • Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary & Birthday – all perfect reasons to eat cake! Fascinating statistics. Continued success!

  • Reb, I’ll do my best. Thanks for the reminder!

    Junkie Monkey – I have absolutely no doubt that your blog will grow a substantial and interesting audience if you stick with it. You’re an excellent writer with an interesting vantage point on life. You’ve got stories to tell that are uniquely yours, and I hope you’ll keep telling them. In terms of the numbers, well, it takes time, and it helps if you read lots of other blogs and become part of the blogging community. (Why don’t you come to the next bloggers’ breakfast?)

    Leanne, thank you for being there, and for leaving the occasional comment just so I know you’re there.

    Malva – thank you on both counts.

    Donna Lee – GC baked it from scratch, and it’s delicious.

    Guillermo, my silent, loyal reader – thank you!

    Merci Aggie!

    Thanks Gayle.

    Happy Birthday to you too Payton, and I DID get my cranberry-apple muffin today. It’s a rare treat these days. Did you get yours?

    Lucy – yum yum yum

    Laura, I like to do the statistical thing every blogiversary because it’s the only time I look at my stats over time. I glance at them daily, but there’s not usually much of a change from day to day. The annual review is much more interesting. (I figure I should do that about my whole life…you know, every year on my birthday I should record a bunch of concrete, measurable information about myself. Height, weight, how many push-ups I can do, completed projects over the past year, bank balance, books read, etc. But it sounds kind of depressing for some reason to try to quantify a life. Much better just to do a website.)