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I have a secret!

A sunbeam for Duncan

A sunbeam for Duncan

My house is full of sunshine today! Even the rooms that don’t usually get sunshine are sunny. Duncan’s in his bliss – sunbeams everywhere. Nothing he likes more than a snooze in a ‘beam.

The novel continues to surprise me. Duncan has found a spot for himself in it, and he kept his real name, too. My friend Robin Kelsey has become my main character’s next-door-neighbour. The Son of the Traveling Shovel of Death has claimed another victim (fortunately neither Duncan nor Robin, whose name, by the way, is now Dominic).

I’m up to 23,290 words, or 62 paperbook pages. It stinks, and it stinks bad. But I am learning a great deal from it. How not to write a book. Pitfalls to avoid, like having the bulk of the story set inside one character’s head, especially when that one character spends most of her time thinking. The importance of good bones in a story. The importance of momentum. The importance of consistency. The unimportance of accounting for every moment.

What else is new? Something very, very exciting happened yesterday. It’s still a secret. But I’ll give you a hint: It involved a trip to the Ottawa Humane Society.

8 comments to I have a secret!

  • grace

    Duncan has a brother or sister!!!!!

  • sassy

    secret, Ottawa Humane Society – please, please do tell and a photo would be nice as well. :-)

    One good thing about the fall sun, being lower in the sky it seems to come directly into rooms that never expierence that much direct sunlgiht in the summer. So nice.

  • sassy

    sunlgiht? sunlight, more coffee required

  • Julia

    You got Duncan a pet!

  • lucy

    You got Duncan a dog! Oh, please say it’s not so! I don’t think Duncan would want a dog, or a cat for that matter….

  • Jo

    1. A friend for Duncan!!! Hooray!

    2. 23,000 words is amazing.

    3. Oreo was being a pest yesterday and David said to him, “Do you want to go live at Zoom’s house? Because we’ll call Zoom!” Apparently that’s the new threat around these parts. Not that I think he would suffer at all. He’d probably enjoy it.

  • Oh I have GC posted a clue!!!! Am I right? Did you run this past Duncan? Did he purr or lick his lips? Does this relate to the documentary I told you about (either one really the raise your own food or the one on being a jailbird!)

  • In case you somehow missed it, the secret has been revealed here:

    Grace, you were close – Duncan has a brother AND a sister.

    Jo, I’d take Oreo in a heartbeat! I fell in love with him the day he gazed deep into my eyes and performed that soul-meld thing on me.