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Instead of sleeping

GC thought it would be a good idea for us to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and drive to the Gatineaus to watch the Leonid meteor shower. In some odd twist of logic, we stayed up late since we had to get up early. Then GC read a few pages of Flashforward to Duncan and me. Duncan loves story time, which was cut short last night because GC read himself to sleep in just a few moments.

Ever since we left him alone for a night a few days ago, Duncan has been a little bit needy at bedtime. He insists that we sleep facing each other, and that we sleep with both of his paws on my face (one on my cheek, the other on my lips) and that his nose be directly under my nose, so he can inhale the air I’m exhaling. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to trim his nails, and am only reminded of it at bedtime when he’s got both paws and all his sharp pointy claws digging slightly into my face.

Before long, Duncan and GC were both snoring but I was still awake. Eventually I drifted off, and the next thing I knew, the alarm was sounding. It was four o’clock. In the morning. GC leapt out of bed, ready for meteor showers! Duncan leapt out of bed, ready for breakfast! I burrowed further into the bed and groaned.

But with a little cajoling I got up and put on lots of warm clothes and joined GC for the trek up to the Gatineaus to see the meteor shower. After all, he had cheerfully gotten up at the crack of dawn all those mornings to go crow chasing with me.

The thing is, when we went crow chasing, we were rewarded with the spectacle of thousands of crows. The meteor shower activity was a little on the light side, if you ask me. We craned our necks and stared at the sky and every couple of minutes we saw a shooting star.

On the drive back to Ottawa, GC admitted that perhaps he had been lead to believe the meteor shower activity would be a little more spectacular than it actually was. The internets lied.

But – on the bright side – I got to make a wish on a shooting star and I’m pretty sure it’s going to come true.

6 comments to Instead of sleeping

  • My big fluffy cat (Bird aka the Jingle Bird) always wanted to sleep tucked up to my chest when I slept on my side. He’d rest his head on my right arm and I’d snuggle him with my left. It was like have a warm breathing teddy bear. I miss that the most now that he’s gone. There were times when I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until I got my Bird-snuggle.

    The thought of Duncan all murphed up against you is super cute.

  • A warm breathing teddy bear is exactly right. He’s not usually quite this needy – ie, he doesn’t usually need to breathe the same air as me – but we’ve always done our very best bonding at night.

  • No! Not Flashforward! That’s my benchmark book for bad writing.

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it — maybe I just have an anti-sci-fi bias :).

  • hope it comes true.

    I slept thru the meteor shower myself.

  • grace

    I made wishes on behalf of many while sitting in my deck chair wrapped in a duvet. One for you too.

  • Lynn, we’re liking the story so far. Not sure about the writing, since I keep falling asleep, and then GC fills me in the next day on what I missed.

    Pearl – me too, I hope it comes true!

    Grace – thank you so much.