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Canadian Blog Awards

It’s time for the Canadian Blog Awards again! The first round of voting is now underway and continues until December 12th.

Thanks very much to the kind reader who nominated for Best Personal Blog, and to the nominators of three of my posts for Best Blog Post ! These are:

The voting system has changed somewhat since last year, in that you can now vote for more than one nominee in each category. You just rank them in the order you like them.

Lots of my friends and favourite local blogs have been nominated too, including XUP for best overall blog, It Ain’t Meat, Babe for Best Craft, Cooking and Other Activities Blog, Watawa Life for Best Photo/Art blog, the Elgin Street Irregulars for Best Group Blog, a Sibilant Intake of Breath for Best Science/Technology blog, Gone to the Dogs for Best Personal Blog, Miss Vicky’s Offhand Remarks for Best Personal Blog, and Greater Ottawa for Best Blog Written by a Journalist.

I know I’ve missed some, since I’ve only just scratched the surface of the nominees so far. I’ll dig deeper later.

The complete list of categories and nominated blogs is here.

Unfortunately, the organizers only provided links to the nominated blogs in a handful of categories, which makes it difficult to actually check out the nominees. For example, there are 99 blogs listed in Best Overall Blog, and I can’t imagine anyone having the time or patience to google each of them so they can visit them and decide which ones to vote for. One of the things I’ve always liked about the Canadian Blog Awards is that it provides us all with lists of new blogs to check out, and it sends lots of new traffic my way. I don’t think that’ll happen this year without the links. (But you never know, maybe they’ll get around to fixing that before the voting ends.)

Anyway, if you have a little time and the inclination, please vote.

7 comments to Canadian Blog Awards

  • My food blog has been nominated! I’m totally stoked!

  • Oma

    Oh my goodness! Gone to the Dogs? I wonder who was so kind. Thank you!

  • Deb

    Oma, aren’t you glad you posted your novel there for the past 30 days so that everyone can come over and read it…lol?

  • Congratulations Zoom! Congratulations to everyone nominated! I find the voting strange…it would only let me vote for one category. I have to come back later to vote in the others. Hope I’m doing it right. Thanks to you Zoom I just discovered my blog was nominated in the best new blog category. (which is kind of crazy)

  • I know this reply is in an inappropriate box & but don’t know if you are still looking for a toaster or not, but empathize.

    We tried a B&Decker — returned it, crumbs and all.

    Then we bought a Sunbeam (4-hole) at Zellars and it works great! It has dials that actually control the burn. Good luck, as maybe our good one is just a fluke.

    I will be voting for Gone to the Dogs! Can I vote every day?
    And will also check out others on the list. Thanks!

  • Wow, zoom! another good year! I voted for you ^^ and my article, and Bank Street Bully, and the other one, and XUP. All 1st! Cause you rock.


  • Congratulations WC – what’s the name of your food blog again?

    Oma, congratulations to you too!

    Laura, you too! That’s excellent. The voting is very strange this year. I don’t think they tested it before making it live. It appears you can vote repeatedly in the same categories if you’re so inclined, even though the rules say you can only vote once per round. I think the results are going to be fairly meaningless as a result. But it’s still nice to be nominated.

    Barbara, I’m keeping my B&D toaster. It’s the best of a bad lot so far. And yes, it appears you can vote every day.

    Junkie Monkey, thank you for the votes!