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My Christmas Eve To-Do List

I like that Christmas Eve feeling, when everything’s finally ready and my home is all warm and clean and cozy and decorated and the presents are wrapped and under the tree and the baking’s done and the house smells good and it’s snowing outside and I finally get to just sit back and have a drink and savor the peacefulness perfection of it all. The calm before the proverbial storm.

At least I like it in theory. In reality, I tend to do procrastinate and do stuff right down to the wire and then say “Okay, that’s good enough.”

This year my goal is to have that kind of warm, cozy Christmas Eve. That means in the next four days I have to clean the house, decorate the house, get a Christmas tree, decorate it, do my Christmas cards, go food shopping, do some baking, do some cooking, buy liquor, finish Christmas shopping and wrap the presents.


Maybe I’ll skip the cards. And the decorating. And the shopping. And cleaning the house. Maybe I’ll just buy liquor….

So how’s Christmas coming along for you? Are you ready?

10 comments to My Christmas Eve To-Do List

  • I am ready and not. I still have to do a monster load of groceries (as in, I am even out of SALT), get one more gift for one of the kids, wrap everything, and then clean of course. It will be bittersweet this year of course, but I am ever the optimist and I still think it will be more sweet than bitter.

    I have to tell you every time I see pictures of Duncan I get a strong pinge of cat lust. I’m just waiting for the all clear from my son’s allergy test and then I’m going to embrace being a cat lady :)

  • Oma

    My wood is coming today. My house got finished two days ago. I will be able to clean starting tomorrow … if I have any energy left after carting my share of 2100 pounds of ecowood down the hill. No … I am not ready either …

  • xmas is low key around here. What little shopping I had to do was done today, while it snowed. I will do a little cleaning, a little decorating (no tree), a lot of cooking (I like to cook when there are appreciative appetites around), and some hurry-up-and-finish knitting (so close). I am taking the week after xmas off, so that will be my time to relax.

  • I’m feeling pretty good about things. I’m done my shopping and my wrapping, so I can avoid the crowded stores, which is my primary goal for December. The tree is up, the house is…clean enough. I just have a lot of baking left to do, but that’s fun for me, so I’m happy and looking forward to the big day.

    I hope you have a lovely and peaceful holiday…you have earned it this year!

  • reb

    I have been doing things low key for years out of necessity

    Today I took my little (1.5 q ? ) crockpot and some apples to a small gathering. We cut up the apples and let them simmer in the cider as we did our usual stuff then enoyed the smell and the beverage/snack when we went back to the room for the final part of the meeting. Adding Cinnamon sticks and or cloves would have been great too if I had thought to get them.

    I had planned to do a few other things but I am just not into doing the work required to reciprocate anything.

  • XUP

    I’ve got my train tickets. I’m ready.

  • I’m just letting the kids pull me along this year and practicing the art of saying “yes!” Lets make gingerbread cookies tomorrow – “Yes” Lets make stars “Yes!” Lets get multicoloured lights for our tree “Yes!” “Lets bring home 2 new cats from the vet’s cat shelter ye….wait a minute Papa Pan suggested it – Not now, after the holidays we can discuss ONE kitty!”

    We have a turkey in the freezer, Nature Girl made cranberry sauce already…I have dolls to finish and clothe like little pirates, and a doll sweater to stitch up (why is that always the hardest part in knitting?)

    Beyond that tree check, presents from the big guy wrapped and hidden check, cleaning has been ongoing with the house for sale.

    Now preparing for the 16 hour drive the next day – no where ready

  • John

    I am definitely ready, with tequila in hand. See you at Mexi’s for a little cheer? Merry Christmas.

  • Deb

    Ready…tree went up three weeks ago; house decorated. Clean enough and the cleaning lady comes for a last minute touch up on Tuesday. All the groceries that I can get in advance – bought. Presents bought and wrapped. All the pre-Christmas parties over and hangovers recovered from. Someone else brought a ton of baking with her…thanks Les. All I have to do this week is relax and bake if I feel like it, and then buy the veggies for Christmas dinner. This will be a wonderful Christmas for us…we even have a brand new baby to pass around.

    Better pick up some more liquor though…just in case.

  • Oma

    I used to be as efficient as Deb … do you remember? I think maybe my Wabi Sabi philosophy adopted this year has made me into a slacker.