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Canada, eh?

This is just one street corner* in one Canadian city after Team Canada won Olympic gold tonight. It was crazy.

*Elgin and MacLaren, Ottawa.

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  • PG

    Hope it’s ok — I’m going to post this on my site with a link to you.

  • Argh, I wish I had been panning on Elgin tonight! I would have made a killing with a Support a Canadian Hockey Fan sign…

    If you get a chance, zoom, check out my most recent post and tell me what you think.

    Also, I was getting complaints about the layout so I changed it to one of the default ones that Blogger comes with. It’s alright, but what I don’t like is how skinny it is… it took me HOURS of tweaking the other layout I had to finally get it a bit wider, and I can’t remember what I did. Do you know what I mean? The portion with the actual post in it only uses like %40 of the width of the screen — can you help me fix this so it’s wider?

    Thank you for another wonderful blog post!

  • Arden

    I started hearing all these cheers and woops and couldn’t figure it out at first, and then it struck me, Canada had won gold 😛 It was the same thing in ’02, and all through that crazy Sens playoff season a couple of years ago. One of the things of living in a largely student neighbourhood, you know who won the hockey that night 😉

  • Nutty bunch, Canadians…

  • bunny

    Wheee!!!!! Yay Canada! I like to think that yesterday for a moment we were all flying together as we jumped into the air in rapturous joy! Congratulations to the US for winning the silver and thanks too for making the game so exciting. I am now off to continue celebrating! Whee!!!!

  • The ‘punch buggy’ comment from GC was funny.

    I was at the front of the Bridgehead at that corner, and we could tell that Canada had won when the hundreds of people packed in MacLaren’s were all up cheering with their hands in the air.

    It was still peaceful inside the coffeeshop until the counter staff’s stream of the game caught up and they realized the Canadian team won.

    As I escaped the scene (still beginning to erupt on Elgin), I could hear the noise all the way to O’Connor. Not too much noise on Bank or elsewhere, since Elgin is Sens Mile.

    – RG>

  • We were whooping it up in the suburbs too. I even hugged my neighbour…and that’s just crazy. Great game and a happy time for Canadians.

  • The Winner’s CANADA!! Very very nice… thank you! 😉

  • Downtown Toronto was pretty much closed up last night. We were out in Greektown just after the game and it was wild. I got lots of hugs from strangers and a ton of high fives. It was glorious, I hope the shift in attitude stays with this country for a long while…ciao

  • PG – of course, help yourself.

    JM – ya shoulda been there! I’ll head over to your site momentarily. (By the way, I think I have a theory about why some of your posts are ending up in my spam – the link back to your site is a tinyurl. Maybe wordpress doesn’t like tinyurls. Next time try typing in your entire site address, and see if that works better.)

    Arden, did you go out and play? It was a fun night out there.

    Coyote, not always, and not everywhere. But last night, on Elgin Street, yeah. Were you there?

    Bunny, I felt a little sorry for the Americans. But as GC said, “I’d rather feel sorry for them than have them feeling sorry for us.”

    RealGrouchy, yeah, the Punch Buggy comment was my favourite part of the video.

    Laura, what’s Canada coming to when suburbanites start hugging each other??

    Ginimira, thanks for stopping by, all the way from Italy, to help us celebrate.

    Rositta, it was so much fun watching everybody let loose and indulge themselves in a big old love fest.

  • Malva

    As I was walking home last night some university students were out cheering with flags and I heard them yell: “we’re going downtown!”

    I had to ponder where exactly downtown was in Ottawa. Not the actual downtown, that’s rather obvious, but where would one go to be in the centre of the action. By the time I got home, I figured they were probably going to go on Elgin St, but it took me a while!

  • Lucy

    It’s great to see a spontaneous street celebration with Canadian flags. We’re more used to seeing these celebrations for other countries (during the World Cup of soccer) and for NHL teams.

    8 years ago I was in Boulder, Colorado, watching that other big game in my apartment and I looked out of the window and my landlady and her family and my neighbours were out in their yards gardening, obviously not watching the game. I felt like I was the only Canadian in town. It’s more fun to be back in Canada watching on a Canadian TV station with all these people out celebrating.