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A sleepy Sunday update

MollyThe first owl egg has pipped, so we should be getting an owlet within hours. You can watch the miracle of life here. (Right now Molly’s eating a rat.)

I keep the big computer on the owl cam all day long, in full-screen mode, and use the laptop for everything else. I keep a close eye on what’s happening in owl world. Duncan was watching on the big screen the other day, and Molly was making some interesting owl noises. Duncan got up on the desk and inspected behind the screen to see what was going on. I thought that was very clever of him. I remember when I used to think all the people on TV were actually inside the TV.

I used to have two cats – Mr. Jones and Catastrophe – who would watch TV. The TV was on the floor and they’d both sit in front of it and watch. Their favourite shows were hockey and wildlife documentaries. Both their heads would swing back and forth in unison as they followed the puck or watched the cheetahs running across the screen.

What else is new? I had insomnia last night. I got slightly more than no sleep.

I really like this ballet-dancing tree at Turnbull School.


Also: Canada Post took my mailbox away.

8 comments to A sleepy Sunday update

  • She has five eggs!?! Wow.

    When I have insomnia, I curl up on the couch with a book and have a nap. Better that that, for catching up on your REM sleep which is what you miss, is making the effort to lie down on your bed to get a good nap. Sometimes, napping on the couch can be pretty restless and often, your neck ends up in a crick. If you can snooze on the bed with a blankie, your REM sleep will be a better quality. Good luck!

  • Zoom, what species of owl is Molly?

  • lucy

    Molly is a barn owl (scientific name Tyto alba).

    How annoying to lose your mailbox with no good explanation! I wonder why. Was it being vanadalized too frequently and Canada Post got fed up with maintaining it? Or are they maybe just cutting back on mailboxes to reduce the amount of legwork their workers have to do picking up mail?

  • Bethany

    Max has hatched! I’ve been glued to my computer screen for the past few days watching the drama unfold, hoping Molly wouldn’t suffer the same fate as poor Phoebe. I’m so excited to see how the little owlets progress!

    If you’re ever in chat there, I’m on as machankobit. Drop me a PM! :)

  • Em

    aw, I used to walk by that tree all the time. Your posts make me miss the Farm.

    Is your “new” mailbox far away?

  • Daphne

    zoom, I have a book to recommend to you. the comment about tv made me think of it: Too Close to the Falls by Catherine Gildner.

  • huh, my nearest mailbox was tagged and taken back as well. probably email’s fault. fewer letters and all that…

  • sassy

    Mailboxes removed from my neighbourhood also.