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Crime scene at the Experimental Farm

efcs1Wednesday we stumbled across porn at the Experimental Farm, and Thursday we stumbled upon a crime scene. It was tucked in amongst a few outbuildings over near Cow Lane. There were four marked police cars, three paramedic vehicles, one fire truck and a couple of unmarked vehicles.

Emergency personnel were swarming around a vehicle with Quebec plates which had all its doors and trunk open. There was an inner door panel lying on the ground, along with some contents from the trunk. Everybody seemed very interested in this vehicle.

efcs4We watched from a respectable distance of about 30 feet. A cop looked at us pointedly and said, rather icily, “Can I help you?”

We cheerfully told her we were just watching, and kept right on watching. I think she thought we had no business watching.

CBC arrived on the scene a few minutes after us, and they couldn’t get any answers. The cops just told them they were in the middle of an investigation.

efcs2A man was led past us to an ambulance, and he told us to stop filming. CBC asked him what was going on, and he said there was nothing going on. Which, you know, wasn’t very believable since obviously something was going on.

Anyway, we have no idea what was going on, but it was definitely something. Remember, you heard it here first, whatever it was. Ha.


After all that we went to Mexi’s for Half-Price Fajitas and we ran into Rita, who was on Mexi’s deck with some friends who read my blog and who actually seemed pretty happy to be meeting us. Linda-Ann asked GC if he was GC, and Chris asked me if I was really Duncan’s owner. We felt like celebrities! It was so much fun.

They told me they’ve been watching Phoebe the hummingbird too. Since Phoebe abandoned her nest and its non-viable egg, I’ve switched channels to the barn owl cam, where I watch Molly having sex with McGee, devouring rabbits, and tending to her eggs, which are due to start hatching any minute. Barn owls might not be as charming as hummingbirds, but the rabbit-eating is a sight to behold! Holy cow. She doesn’t have any teeth, so she has to eat them whole. The process looks a lot like throwing up in reverse.

8 comments to Mysterious crime scene at the Farm

  • Lucy

    Good morning, Zoom. You certainly seem to have a talent for ending up in the thick of everything that goes on Ottawa! :-) I hardly ever see any of these strange goings-on. (I checked out the hummingbirds and owls a couple of times, but I don’t have time to watch them long enough, so I didn’t get to see any of the action: the sex and gore or the altercation with the lizard.) Have you found out what this Experimental farm incident was all about? I listen to the CBC everyday and I haven’t heard them mention this yet,… so yes I did hear it from you first!

  • reb

    did the crows do it?

  • I heard about this on the news last night. Two men were rendered unconscious for no obvious reason. Very mysterious!

  • Lucy, you’re right, I do seem to end up in the thick of things more than most people. But it’s not like I go looking for trouble. I mean, the lovely pastoral Experimental Farm is the last place you expect to find this kind of drama. I guess I’m just lucky.

    Speaking of drama, I haven’t heard much about what happened at the Farm on Thursday, except for what Robin said – two employees of the Farm were suddenly rendered unconscious for no apparent reason (I believe they were driving at the time). Weird. If there’d been only one person in the car at the time, they probably would have attributed it to a personal medical issue. But two?

    Robin, have you heard anything else?

    Reb, I wouldn’t put it past the crows.

  • Nothing. Obviously a coverup. I’m blaming the crows too.

  • Em

    Accidentally, through research we’re doing at work, I discovered that there have been at least two bodies dumped on Farm property, so it has been a crime scene at least twice.
    I can ask around and see if anyone knows what happened the other day.

  • Em, yes, use your sources and report back!

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