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Proffessional Sign Makers

I ventured downtown the other day and saw these two signs, which kinda made me wonder why these people have jobs and I don’t.



11 comments to Proffessional Sign Makers

  • jacqui

    Sure looks “proffessional” to me.

  • sassy

    Thay nead proff reeders 😉

  • grace

    I culd be proff reeder two!

  • I have the same thoughts when I look at some politicians.

  • deb

    I want to know what a unisexhaisal is

  • Oh don’t get me started on the use of language in signs… I can go on for an hour. Actually, I would really just like it if people would learn the proper usage of an apostrophe. You can’t just throw it in there for fun!

  • teehee. Maybe start some passive/agressive cleanup campaign with post-its and correct spelling.

    your awesome, you’re post-its would be equally awessum

  • lucy

    Hahaha! Yes, what is a unisexhaisal? What kind of store or business was that?

    I hear you, Valerie.

    By the way, Zoom, not really related to this post but to your earlier one about your mailbox that was removed: It seems Canada Post is in the business of going round removing mailboxes these days. This morning I walked up the street to put a letter in the mailbox and discovered that it had disappeared. I probably missed the warning sign telling me where the next nearest one would be, because I don’t go there that often. Now I need to find a new mailbox nearby (not sure where) or start taking my mail to work and using the post office there.

  • If I had to guess, I’d say a unisexhaisal is a Unisex Hair Salon, just mashed together. This insight comes from the fact that I know where that sign is and that’s what I think is behind the mysterious windows.

    What really bothers me about modern signage, is akin to what Valerie said — you can’t put quotes around things at random! Example:

    Jay’s Moving Company
    “Pick-ups from Noon ’til Six”

    How is that a quote??? Maybe, “We do it on time!” could use quotes…. keep an eye out for extraneous quotation marks and you’ll start seeing them everywhere!

  • Em

    Man, when I was unemployed, I noticed SO MUCH junk like that. It really ticked me off. Not just the shoddy stuff, either. I was so preoccupied with being unemployed that everything I looked at made me a bit ticked off. I’d look at my pen and think, “Someone got paid to make this pen. Someone got paid to design this pen – I could totally have done those jobs. What’s wrong with me?” (Repeat with any other item or service.) It was a drag.

  • Apparently there’s a vast untapped market for Professional Sign Editors (or Profeshunul Sine Edaturs. Take your pick.) You might look into that…