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Are you missing a cat?

Found Cat

Found Cat

Are you missing a cat? If this is your missing cat, she’s had some adventures, and she’s got the scars to prove it. She’s also had the good fortune to find herself a Crazy Cat Lady, behind whose toilet she is currently hiding. Both the cat and the Crazy Cat Lady hope this arrangement is only temporary.

(Hat tip to Rachael.)

3 comments to Are you missing a cat?

  • reb

    awe how sad. I hope she finds her humans ( or a loving new one ) soon

    I am sure our older cat would like her new fur-sister to go missing but so far she has not made any serious attempts to injure her.

    The whole feline bonding/hierarchy thing is fascinating us.

  • ottgrl

    could you perhaps post this on craigslist or the ottawa group on livejournal?

  • I thought at first she was wearing a super-hero cape, but see now that it’s a vet’s cone collar…
    I hope her owner is found. I’ve lost cats, and it’s heartbreaking.