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It was stinking hot on Tuesday night, so GC and I headed off to the Empire Movie Theatre for 90 minutes of air conditioning and a strange movie about babies. It was called Babies. There was no plot and no dialogue. Just footage of four babies during their first year of life. There were baby boys from Namibia and Mongolia and baby girls from Japan and the U.S.

Babies was charming without being obnoxiously cute. It was interesting to see the similarities and the differences in babyhood across cultures. It was also interesting to watch the babies develop relationships with the people and animals in their lives. I fell in love with the Mongolian baby, who was hilarious; GC’s favourite was the Namibian baby.

I remember thinking, when my son was a baby, that watching him develop was like watching human beings evolve…learning to work that opposable thumb, learning to use tools, going from crawling to being upright, acquiring language….all kinds of things.

GC and I talked afterward about where we would most want to be brought up, if we were babies. We both liked the Mongolian baby’s life – he lived in a yurt, surrounded by animals. The Namibian mother was the most attentive. She naturally integrated her baby into everything she did. The Japanese and American babies lived in cities, and their surroundings were largely artificial. They went to exercise classes and attended group singalongs about being in touch with Mother Earth. Meanwhile, the Mongolian baby crawled naked over stones.

Here’s the trailer.

Anyway. It was a good movie and a terrific deal. On Tuesday nights, the Empire Theatre (in the World Exchange Plaza on Albert Street at O’Connor) charges $4.99 for a movie ticket (half the usual price). For $5.99 you can get a popcorn, drink and chocolate bar (that’s half price too). And they throw in three hours of free parking, and all the air conditioning you can absorb.

ardirizalSpeaking of babies, have you seen the pack-a-day two-year-old? Video and details here.

7 comments to Babies

  • I cant wait to see babies!…and get our goats and sheep..we might find our sheep this summer :-)

    I hate that the paper is calling that smoking toddler badly behaved – his father is terrible!

  • Is it wrong that I am both horrified and amazingly amused by this smoking baby?

  • XUP

    I’m pretty sure this smoking baby is going to turn out to be a hoax. For what reason I don’t know, but I don’t believe it.

  • Is that smoking baby thing real?

    I saw a news story on Babies – apparently the family of the American Baby and the Director might have issues with the State of California over its child labour laws, even though the baby wasn’t really “working”

  • jenny

    Ack! not here, too! I saw that poor little guy on the MSN site a couple days ago. I stewed about it so much I didn’t get to sleep til 2am. *sigh* Really I want to fly over there and rescue this little kid! His dad obviously doesn’t understand what he did to his son… He’ll grow up NEVER KNOWING what it’s like to be healthy, to take a full good breath without a bunch of crap in his lungs. It’s just so sad. I sure hope all this media attention will get SOMEONE in there to help this kid! Argh! I wish I’d never seen this story…. Sorry for the rant. I guess I couldn’t help it.
    I think that Babies movie is coming to my town too – looks super cute! I’ll have to check it out.

  • how is giving the kid a pack of smokes a day any different than the mommies that feed their kids fast food / junk food all day every day ?

  • WOW the baby smoking is pretty crazy!