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This and that

What to blog about today? Hmm. I’m coming up empty. Maybe just a little smattering of tidbits.

1) That cat I was talking about yesterday? The one with the weird fur? I just added some pictures.

2) Yesterday I went out to mail some stuff, and I pulled some weeds out of my flower garden on my way out. I left them in a little pile at the end of my walkway, figuring I’d put them in the green bin when I got home. An hour or so later I returned home to find an old lady standing on my walkway eating my weeds.

3) I made swiss chard and chickpeas from It Ain’t Meat Babe. It’s supposed to feed four and I halved the recipe. But it’s a magic recipe – we keep eating it, and it doesn’t get any smaller. We’ve eaten it twice already, and we’ve barely made a dent in it. Good thing it’s good.

4) Duncan lost another pound. He’s a svelte 18 pounds now. Sometimes he tears around the house and up and down the stairs just because he can. I remember when I first got him, playing was too much of an effort for him. And when he wanted to lie down, he’d line himself up with where he wanted to be and then tip himself over. Also? I’ve started buying his canned food at Global Pet Foods, in Ottawa South. I buy all different kinds so he gets variety. So far he’s loved everything except a chicken & seafood pate.

5) A few months ago I mentioned that I needed clothes for job interviews, and Stephanie mentioned an organization called My First Suit. I contacted them and they agreed to help me out. This afternoon I’m going downtown to pick up my suit!

11 comments to This and that

  • grace

    Was she eating goutweed?

    I’ve been eyeing that recipe since it was posted. Now I’m sold.

  • I bet it was chickweed…I can’t pass chickweed without eating it! I’ve snatched it from friends who thought it was choking out their gardens and made them into chickweed lovers too. It’s amazing in a toasted tomato sandwich.

    I will be the little old lady who eats your weeds when I grow up…I can already see it.

    I will need to try that recipe. We LOVE chickpeas and chard

  • Not a big fan of chickpeas, but I do like the idea of infinite leftovers.

    – RG>

  • I’m so glad you tried it! I wish my batch had the infinite leftover phenomenon! Apparently we eat too much in this household!

  • Regarding 2) did you ever find out why she was eating them and if she was OK? I laughed at what you wrote, but then I was kind of sad too.

  • I would like to try that recipe too. Sounds great. Perhaps the woman went for the dandelion leaves…aren’t they a delicacy? I had no idea chickweed is yummy. Hmmm

  • Chickweed tastes like spinach but is as crunchy as iceberg lettuce.

  • Haha, that was probably my mother and I bet they were dandelions. When she was visiting a couple of weeks ago she walked up to Carling & Kirkwood, near the off ramp (!), with a little knife and a plastic bag and came back with a huge bag of dandelion greens.

  • XUP

    Yay for Global Pet Food! Can’t say enough good things about that place. I get all Bazel’s food there too. He particularly likes the Wellness Brands and the little cans (can’t remember the brand but they’re right by Wellness) of “lite” tuna and salmon.

  • That is a big piece of matted fur on the cat. It happened to my cat once when I was a teenager. Think of it as dreadlocks on a cat. It needs to be trimmed off… it gets itchy on them.

  • Rasta cat? He’ll need a smoking good home then…..