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Flamenco dancers, lovebird names and a BIG YARN SALE

GC and I were at the Stewart Park Music Festival in Perth yesterday, watching a flamenco dancer dance, when the second baby lovebird hatched.

My favourite thing at the music festival was a little girl in the audience who was wearing a tutu and cowboy boots and sucking her thumb. But the flamenco dancer, Ilse Gudino, was pretty good too. Check her out.

Meanwhile, a bird breeder in California was watching the second baby hatching on the webcam, and she told us later that Billie and Lester both helped the baby come out of his shell.

Photo: Piccolo, Banjo and two eggs

We’ve named the babies Piccolo and Banjo. I wouldn’t describe them as cute, exactly, but they’re kind of fascinating. I love watching the family dynamics – Billie’s a wonderful, attentive mother (which I totally expected) and Lester is a very involved modern father. He likes to feed the babies and fuss over them. This morning he had ants in his pants, so Billie kicked him out of the nest. He spun around the cage like a speed freak, chirping and doing somersaults and loop-de-loops and hanging upside down from the ceiling. At one point he even fell onto the floor.

There are two eggs left, so hopefully we’ll get to watch at least one of them hatch. If you want to join us, you can watch through the webcam, which is usually on all the time, except at night. The video quality varies from day to day and hour to hour, with the changing light conditions. It’s pretty dark inside the black nesting box, so it’s kind of hard to get a good look at the babies, even if you’re there in person, peering into the box.

Photo: Billie and her babies

Which reminds me. GC thinks the babies are yellow! They look pinkish to me. What do you think?

I’m having daydreams about moving to the country and setting up an aviary and raising macaws and parrotlets and lovebirds and gouldian finches. And miniature farm animals.

By the way, when we were out in Perth yesterday for the music festival, we went to Janie H. Knits for the first time ever. What a lovely, lovely knitting shop, just like Carmen promised. Everything there is extraordinary, from the yarn to the tools to the people to the setting. And just a stone’s throw from Janie’s shop is a miniature animal farm!

We’re going back next weekend because Janie H. Knits is having a BIG SALE. So big she had to rent the legion for it!

101 Yarns You’ve Always Wanted.
at the Perth Legion, 26 Beckwith Street, Perth, Ontario
July 24 & 25, 9:15 to 4:30

I didn’t buy much because I want to save my pennies for the BIG SALE. But I couldn’t resist this mug.

Photo: My new knitting mug from Janie H. Knits

11 comments to Flamenco dancers, lovebird names and a BIG YARN SALE

  • Dancing and knitting… you’ve combined two of my favourite activities in one delicious post. I want that cup! Might have to visit Janie H’s… wonderful shop and people, no? I love the setting, too.

  • Em

    I’ve never been to Janie H Knits either. I think a road trip is in order! Cute mug! :)

  • Janie H is definitely worth a road trip. And Perth is such a lovely little town too. Janie’ll even feed your sweetie cookies while you shop.

  • HEE! I need a cup that says Fuck off, I’m counting!

    I LOVE Perth! I thinking knitting shops are the best – ohh gotta run, I hear Lester! Birdies are waking up!

  • Carmen

    Told ya! Glad you made it, Zoom! And I, too, will be at the sale! Can hardly wait!!!!

  • If you find one for crocheting please get me it and let me know the cost

    We need to finally get together one of these days

  • It’s not just the rhythms, but the staccato attitude of Flamenco dancing that’s so alluring. . . . Oh . . . and that’s a great mug 😉

  • I must get one of those mugs. I think The Boyfriend and I may be moving back to Ottawa next spring/summer. I will take your blog with me in order to really get to know that neck of Ontario better.

  • jacqui

    LOVE the mug! My daughter had one made for me like that, only it also has a pic of Wonder Woman (my alter ego 😉 ) knitting on the other side where it also says “stitch and bitch”. There’s a pic of it here:

  • I need (perhaps overstating the case, but only by a smidgeon) one of those mugs! Thanks for a photo of what will surely be item number one on my Christmas wish list. My kids always pester me for concrete ideas and now I shall have one for them. Merci!

  • Love flamenco – the sound, the structure, the attitude.
    And love that mug!