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Instinctive buying and compulsive collecting

The Janie H. Knits sale was wild. It filled a great big room the size of a gymnasium at the Perth Legion. I found myself stroking yarn and oohing and aahing with hundreds of other women and three men.

We ran into Carmen and she nudged GC along, encouraging him to dive into the whole yarn-buying experience. He ended up with six skeins of yummy cashmere. Carmen also helped me get unstuck. I was wishing I’d come armed with a pattern, so I’d know what to buy and how much. But she taught me how to really buy yarn. You don’t need a pattern, you just go with your instincts!

Here’s what me and my instincts bought:

10 balls of Rowan Lima, 10 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed Aran, 6 bals of Rowan Siena, 2 skeins of Berroco Mica, one skein of Tilli Tomas silk & kelp, and a gorgeous mohair sweater made in Newfounldland by Woof Designs.

What is it about yarn that makes us crave it so much? I have enough yarn to last me many years – possibly even the rest of my life. So why do I want more? And why, when I do buy yarn, can I not buy just a little?

It’s not just me, either. Most of the knitters I know hoard yarn. If you google “yarn stash” or “yarn addict” you’ll see what I mean.

On the way back to Ottawa, we stopped in Carleton Place for lunch and a visit to that wacky used-book store. It’s a whole house stuffed full of books to the rafters. It’s kind of expensive for a used book store, but I guess that’s how they manage to have so much stock. I think they might have a bit of a hoarding problem too.

In other news, it’s been a tough week for friends’ pets. R.I.P. Bongo and Ramona. Get well soon Muffy. Let’s all give our pets a little extra loving today. (“And a little extra tuna fish” adds Duncan, “since it’s Tuna Fish Tuesday.”)

9 comments to Instinctive buying and compulsive collecting

  • I gave my cat and dog some cheesy popcorn, they love it as much as tuna :-)

    Think good thoughts for my ancient old cat Luna. She has a cyst on her lip (still tiny) I’m taking her to the vet tomorrow. She’s always been ridiculously healthy and is 19. I never take her to the vet. I’m irrationally terrified that this will start some awful chain reaction of illness!

  • When it comes to yarn, I think knitters are seduced by the potential – when know what it can become and just can’t resist.
    For me it’s also like that fabric, beads or anything crafty.
    Love the yarns you got!

  • grace

    Yarn, books and kitties are what life is all about. Thanks for thinking of my wee Ramona. I can’t believe how much space in my heart and our home that tiny cat claimed. I managed to hold it in for most of the day until I used the can opener and nobody came to see if there was tuna . . .

  • I have no pets, but I’m giving extra loving to my kiddie-winks this week. AND I have decided to knit a blanket for my friend’s new daughter who will arrive in the fall. It will only be my second time knitting, but I’m excited and wouldn’t mind becoming a yarn hoarder one day.

  • Nancy

    I think the problem with yarn is that it is both pretty and useful. If I was just buying something pretty to decorate my house, I would be really discriminating about buying the one most perfect thing, and I wouldn’t want 10 of them. Or if I was buying useful supplies I would just buy what I needed. But the combination seems to just override my usual controls.

  • Carmen

    Hé, Zoom, you did extremely well! And I have a scarf pattern for you…it begs for the Tilly yarn and uses only one skein. We were three in the car and spent $1500….that also includes fancy knitting needles (moi), bags (Cashmeregodess) and loads of yarn among the three of us….

  • Oh Carmen!!! DROOL….I’m just starting to collect beter needles, what did you get? My favorite find was CIRCULAR sock needles!!!! Great for a twister like me :-)

  • Mo

    Sounds like a great time was had by all atthe yarn sale.
    BTW, your hair looks GORGEOUS!

  • saw this in a surf and thought of you: knitting ramen noodles: