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Head over Heels

I’ve fallen head over heels in love with these baby lovebirds since I started feeding them a few days ago! It’s like watching babies grow up, but even faster. Every day they’re bigger and smarter and more competent. The oldest one, Piccolo, climbs up my shirt now to nestle in my hair. This morning he was so happy to see me, he climbed up onto the lip of the nest box and perched there, stretching up towards me. Then he toppled over and fell two inches out of the box, onto the towels. I’m calling it his inaugural flight.

Anyway. I just got the webcam set up, and you can get a really good look at them now. It’s much better than when they were in Billie’s nest, which was dark. I even decorated the nursery. Check it out!

If you haven’t seen Shannon’s blog about Oscar the Baby Squirrel, it’s amazing. When her cat dragged him home a month ago, he was so young his umbilical cord was still attached, and she couldn’t even tell what kind of animal he was. The pictures are incredible.

In other news, today is GC’s birthday!

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