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Things I've been doing instead of blogging

I haven’t blogged for a few days, so this is just going to be a little catch-up post.

Here are some of the things I’ve been doing lately:

Reading. A lot. I’ve been a little scattered on the reading front for the past year or two, since I always had half a dozen books on the go, and I found myself frequently having to start books over since I couldn’t remember what was going on. A couple of weeks ago I decided to stop doing that, and focus on just two books at a time. It was a good decision. It made the whole reading process much more efficient and enjoyable. I’ve also resurrected my Good Reads account. (It’s over there in the left sidebar if you’re interested in joining – I’m looking for more GoodReads friends.)

The CAT Walk

Leaf, by Cynthia O'Brien

Yesterday GC and I went on the Centretown Artists Tour. The CAT Walk. We wandered throughout Centretown, visiting artists in their studios. It was a lot of fun. It’s not just about seeing their art, but also about seeing their homes. Artists are creative by nature, and they create creative spaces. I love Meaghan Haughian’s place, and her art, so we started there. Her place inspires me to start creating again.

I bought something on the tour – a pottery leaf from Cynthia O’Brien. It was only $2!

At Tom Evans’ place we were pleasantly surprised to discover that photographs of GC and me were part of his exhibit. Last year on the tour, he invited people to try on the lumberjack jackets and let him photograph them. A number of those photos became part of this year’s exhibit, including ours.


Unusual house - view from the back

We went to Montreal on Saturday, just for the day, to visit GC’s family. We helped move some furniture from GC’s brother’s house to his parents’ house. During that little excursion I saw this very strange house that didn’t quite look like a house. GC said he remembered when it was built, back in the 70s, and everybody hated it. There were rumours that it had its own bowling alley. We took pictures of it, and looked it up on the internet after we got home.

The front door

It’s currently for sale – all 9,000 square feet of it. No bowling lane, but there’s a huge indoor pool. Anyway. For $3.1 million, I think it oughta have a better MLS listing with better pictures.

Job Hunting
I got my English writing test results back for that government job. I got 106 out of 112 – yay me! I should find out in a couple of weeks if I passed the situational judgment test – if so, then I advance, I guess, to the next level of getting a government job. Meanwhile, there’s a non-governmental job that I’m applying for today that sounds really good. If you’ve ever been job-hunting, you know how rarely the ideal job comes floating by. Fingers crossed.

Mystery event

Anybody want to hazard a guess, based on these three photos, as to which event we attended?

Mystery Photo #1

8 comments to Things I’ve been doing instead of blogging

  • grace

    I got back on track with reading over the summer too and back to doing things with my hands: knitting, gardening, cooking. I find my mind is a little more settled for it. And maybe I’m sleeping a little better without such a teetering pile on the bedside table.

    Does anyone else find 112 an odd number (and, yes, I know it is really and even number) for scoring a test? I could understand 100 or 110 or even 111.

    My fingers are crossed for you on the job front.

  • I see you were also at the rainy Lumiere Festival. I got some decent photos, despite the weather.

  • Arden

    That’s totally the Lumiere festival, though I’m not sure how I knew it before I saw Milan’s comment, since I haven’t been to it in many years. Oddly I got it from your first photo. I couldn’t figure it out from the other two, but that first one reminded me of it somehow, though how I’m not quite sure! 😛

  • I don’t know, that house has a lot of square feet, but a lot of them look unusable. I mean, what are you supposed to do around those pillars??? (Kidding, kind of…)

    Good luck with jobs. Can’t wait to hear about the situational judgment test…

  • Love the leaf art!
    Good luck with the job hunt. I’m looking for a new job too. I have and interview tonight, so I’ll think good thoughts for both of us

  • A gusty wet lumiere festival? THat house is hideous, but I love the dollhouse at the festival!

  • I love the leaf. It is so striking. We have one of those kind of houses in our area, too. It’s even made of stone like that. Our local legend is that it belonged to a local mobster who had problems. Problems that involved explosive devices.

    Good luck on the job front. The perfect job doesn’t come along very often. I hope this one is yours.