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Thrilling things that happened this weekend

1. My blog post about the prostitution laws was quoted in the Toronto Star! (Thanks to XUP and Coyote for letting me know.)

2. I got an iPhone 4. This one little machine is everything! It’s like having the internet on IV. I am in awe of it. It’s a camera, a music machine, a flashlight, a computer, a GPS, everything. We were hiking in the Gatineaus on Sunday and I wondered if there were any geocaches nearby. I asked the iPhone, and it directed me to one just 100 meters from where we were standing. You can also download an app that turns your iPhone into a toolkit of five carpentry tools, including a plumb bob and a level. Steve showed me an app yesterday that can listen to any song and tell you what song it is. I’ve barely just scratched the surface of what this one little machine can do. (Oh. The downside is that Rogers owns my soul for the next three years.)

3. We went hiking in the Gatineaus. (But you knew that already.) We did a bit of the Wakefield Artists Tour. We had a cappuccino at an art gallery in Chelsea.

4. We went to the Bird Show on Saturday and saw thousands of birds. Mostly finches and canaries. I was tempted to buy three little blue parrotlets because they were so sweet, but I didn’t. My master bird plan is still evolving. In the meantime, I have to exercise restraint. (The master plan involves a homemade indoor aviary to house four or five pairs of compatible finches, plus a bird room to house the lovebirds and an eclectus parrot. There might also be some parrotlets down the road. And a single male canary.)

5. We went on the Run for the Cure on Sunday. GC, Grace and I walked together and it was lovely to be out there with all those thousands of pink people and dogs and balloons, walking together on a fresh October morning. Thanks so much to everybody who sponsored me, and also to Laurie Kingston for organizing our team, No Pink for Profit.

6. GC made the most amazingly delicious apple cake with the apples we picked last weekend.

8 comments to Thrilling things that happened this weekend

  • When we were in New York City Megan used an app on her iPhone to find out where the nearest Happy Hours were! It made me happy to live in the future.

  • I am so not a cell phone person…but I want that hipstamatic camera app so badly you have no idea! I wish there was a photo editting version available…maybe there is?

    I LOVE the sentiment behind your team’s name!

  • Sorry about the whole Rogers owning your soul thing. Sadly, it may not be the same when they give it back to you.

    Also: If you get really really curious, it’s not hard to set it up to see how it is *we* use the iPhone. Admittedly, that’s kind of one of the things I like about Apple–even if the whole damn thing’s shut up in its very own walled garden.

  • Lisa in Toronto

    It was only 6 degrees as we waited for the run for the cure to start in Toronto – luckily I found some free coffee. There was no rain in Toronto and it was indeed a lovely autumn day as we walked through and around the University of Toronto campus.
    Out team went for a great lunch at one of our favourite Chinese restaurants afterwards, as we have for about 5 years in a row.
    Do you have a post-walk routine?
    thanks for your posts!

  • Em

    I hate to say it, but my iPhone changed my life. :) There’s some fun apps on there. One of my favourites is Scanner911 – a police/fire/ems scanner.
    Congrats on the quote!

  • My daughter is taking part in the 3 day 60 mile walk in two weeks. She is excited (I think she’s crazy!). My husband is salivating over the new iphone. He’s got an older one and it has come in handy so many times I can’t count. and then there’s the light sabre app…..

  • I bet Duncan is loving your aviary vision. Very cool the Toronto Star used your quote – congratulations! I have an old cell phone and heard good and bad things about the iphone. The apps are a big draw for me…will you keep us posted on your iphone findings?

  • Wouldn’t a single male canary get lonely?