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Spooky twins and a secret

GC and I went to the annual vintage clothing sale at the Chateau Laurier on Sunday. It’s one of my favourite events of the whole year. It’s not just the clothes – it’s the people. Some people show up in full vintage clothing – they look like they time-traveled here from some other era. They have every detail perfect – dress, hat, veil, gloves, handbag, stockings, makeup, even the hair. I wonder if they dress like that all the time, or just for the vintage clothing sale.

We were thrilled to see the spooky twins again this year. They haven’t aged a bit. They still look like not-quite-real twelve-year-olds. They still have long straight blonde hair, and they still wear vintage clothing. Best of all, they’re still freaky looking. GC and I tried to take pictures of them again this year, but neither one of us was brave enough to actually point a camera at them while they were looking. GC thinks they look like witches. I think Diane Arbus would have loved them.

Last night, while GC made shepherds pie (don’t worry, no actual shepherds were hurt) I took pictures of The Dog and Billie and Lester with my Hipstamatic.

I’m going to make a hugely exciting announcement later this week, or maybe on the weekend. You can try guessing if you want. (GC says “Don’t tell them yet, you might jinx it!” which is funny because one of the many, many things I love about GC is that he’s like a six-year-old when it comes to keeping secrets. If he doesn’t blurt it right out, he’ll give you great big fat hints until you guess. Even if you don’t want to know!)

Here are some of my snapshots from the vintage clothing sale.

14 comments to Spooky twins and a secret

  • Murt

    You got the job?

  • lucy

    But what is so spooky about the twins?… They look quite normal to me, at least from the back, and their clothes don’t even look particularly “vintage”.

    I was wondering why we hadn’t heard anything about Billie and Lester for a while, only about their kids; now I remember it’s because they stayed at GC’s house with the dog and the kids moved in with you and Duncan. They’re looking good; is the male the one with the red head and the female with the yellow?

    I too hope your exciting announcement is job-hunting-related.

  • Ahh, no, sadly it’s not about a job. I wish there was some way of magically becoming bilingual without investing a year and thousands of dollars in it.

    The twins look normal from behind. And they wouldn’t look half as spooky from the front if there weren’t two of them. There’s just something about them…

    Yes, Lester is the redhead and Billie is the blonde. They’re doing great. They love their fly-about times, and they love interacting with us – as long as we don’t try to touch them. They hate that! GC tells me they started shredding paper for a new nest today. Looks like there might be some more baby lovebirds in our future.

    But that’s not the secret. :)

  • gc

    I love those pictures of our kids… and the secret has NOTHING to do with Billie and Lester trying to make more baby birds.

  • I wish I had known about that vintage clothing sale… those granny boots are *so* me. :)

  • You found out the right answers to the situational exam?

  • lucy

    Oh, no, not more baby birds! It was cool to watch the nest, but don’t you and GC have enough “grandkids” already? You risk becoming a bird lady AND having more weird zoo-related dreams if you get any more. 😀

    Yeah, I agree it would be great to be able to become bilingual overnight by magic.

  • You’ve found a pair of talking parakeets named Robbie and Suzy?

  • GC, don’t start giving hints!

    Susan, there’ll be another one with more granny boots – it’s always on a Sunday in November.

    Kate, no – that’s a TOP secret secret!

    Lucy, if they have more I’ll sell them. (At least that’s what I keep telling GC and myself.)

    Mudmama, we laughed out loud at that.

  • deb

    You are getting a new bird? A parrot, this time

  • Murt

    Come on GC! Go ahead and give us the hint that’s dying to come out!

  • grace

    I have recently been charged with a secret and I’m having a hard time keeping still. The person who told me the secret allowed that I might have one ‘get out of jail free card’ i.e I may tell one other person providing they meet some stringent conditions laid out by the provider of the secret. I’ve spent the past few days playing with that idea; trying on alternate secret keepers like so many pairs of shoes; trying to guess who might fit the bill. So far this has relieved the secret-telling pressure enough that I haven’t exploded like a 6-year-old GC. Secrets are not for the weak.

  • felonius bunk

    my x from trinidad has identical twins, classic pete’
    s-hurt/repete-feels-it: did you know a mother hen will register an e.e.g. blip at the death of her chick two miles away? bird brains – i’m glad you finally got to hear a parrot make the dripping water sound i tried to describe cuz the twins mom also had that psychic/musician/therapist venezuelan parrot(‘smartest’ w 150 word vocab) – they’re almost like crows

  • gc

    Are you getting a parrot Grace?????!!!!