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Self portrait at 39 below zero

This is what I look like at 39 degrees below zero with the wind chill. That’s celsius and farenheit, because the two scales converge at -40.

You can see my frost-crusted hair, MEC jacket, neckwarmer and fleece-lined hat but what you can’t see is that I’m also wearing regular socks, thermal socks, gortex boots, regular underwear, long underwear, jeans, a turtleneck, a thermal pullover, a clapotis scarf, and seriously warm wind-proof mittens given to me by Julia.

I had to go out because of my commitment to virtually walking from Adelaide to Whyalla, Australia over the month of January. That’s about 380km. I’m about 77% of the way there, but I can’t afford to cool my heels just because it’s cold outside. After all, this is Ottawa, and it’s January. It’s supposed to be cold.

I’m curious though…those of you who live in more temperate climates, what do you make small talk about? Here, our small talk revolves largely around the weather. We have 52 words for cold. What do you chit chat about if you don’t have weather?

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