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GC and I went to see Black Swan last night. It’s a psychological thriller about a ballet dancer. It was quite riveting even though most of the time we had no idea what was going on. We couldn’t tell what was real and what was imagined, who was crazy and who was sane, who the good guys were and who the bad guys were. Everybody was twisted and distorted in one way or another. There were some self-mutilation scenes where we both squirmed and looked away. Anyway, if you’re looking for a creepy movie, I recommend it, even though I didn’t get it.

We saw The King’s Speech last Tuesday. We got that. It was pretty straightforward. Guy with a speech impediment has to make a speech. I didn’t find it as enthralling as The Black Swan, but it was good.

Before the movie last night I made us a good healthy dinner from my new Clean Eating cookbook – chicken almondine with green beans. We ate that and then went to the movie and pigged out on popcorn and Smarties.

Anyway. It’s snowing out there. The way the media’s carrying on about it, you’d think we lived in Texas or something. The weather looks pretty wild in Australia, though. Category 5, batten down the hatches. People are being urged to take shelter in designated shelters, but the designated shelters are full.

And how about the revolution in Egypt? It’s like my friend Gene used to say: The right of way belongs to whoever takes it. Same thing with human rights. You can’t just sit around and wait for someone to hand them to you – sometime you have to go out and seize them. Power to the Egyptian people!

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  • How can you possibly wish power to the people of Egypt. These are terrorists using force and putting themselves in personal peril in order to oust a long standing dictatorial political situation.
    They are rebels and must be put down with the full force at the beck and call of the government.
    Unless of course thy win in which case they will be patriots ushering a new day of enlightenment, democracy and freedom.
    It is so hard to tell the good guys from the bad. Till just recently I was sure Mubarak was on eof the good guys the USA love so much.
    I guess his best before date has expired. Unless be manages to beat down his population again in which case he’ll be a great ally again.

  • Bethany

    Heh. I do live in Texas, and there’s been quite a kerfuffle down here about the weather of late. We’ve had sustained temperatures in the 20s and low 30s (Fahrenheit) during the day, and in the teens at night — these are uncharted and awfully chilly waters for us warm-blooded folk. It’s especially confounding because just last Monday, we were sitting on the patio of a lakefront restaurant, sipping tropical drinks in our flip flops and watching the Winter X Games on TV, clucking our tongues at the snowboarders.

    I declared via Facebook that Sarah Palin should learn to sit like a lady, because every time she opens her legs, we get an arctic cold front down here. That got a few chuckles from my shivering comrades.

  • I LOVE that line! I absolutely LOVE it.

  • Sid

    Re: Egypt – I have to echo the comment above that it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. I have friends who are Egyptian Coptic Christians. If the Muslim majority wins power, things are going to get very very bad for them. Worse than they already are. It’s insanely complex.