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Ain't gonna pee-pee in my bed tonight

Have you ever heard of the Kelly Family? I just found out about them yesterday. They were one of those eccentric showbiz families with a whole bunch of talented kids. In their case, the twelve kids were all home-schooled with an emphasis on music and dance. Nobody ever cut their hair, they wore funny clothes, and they lived on a houseboat and traveled on a double-decker bus.

Here’s a video from their early days. The lead singer for this song is Angelo Kelly, the youngest boy. The song is called (not surprisingly, once you’ve listened to it) “Ain’t gonna pee-pee in my bed tonight.” Call me crazy, but I LOVE this song. I’ve watched the video dozens of times. The song is stuck in my head like Crazy Glue. I’ve even memorized all the words.

If that doesn’t do it for you, have you heard that the Ottawa Public Library is now allowing anyone with a library card to download three free songs a week? There’s no cost, and you can keep them forever. The selection is apparently huge, and includes the entire Sony catalogue. The service is called Freegal.

From the Hold-Your-Nose department, the OPP has exonerated all the cops in all the videotaped cellblock abuse cases it investigated over the last few months. Two special constables (civilians) were not exonerated. Chief Vern White says the special constables will not be identified, and any disciplinary action taken against them will not be revealed.

3 comments to Ain’t gonna pee-pee in my bed tonight

  • You know – I’m usually willing to give cops the benefit of the doubt – they have a hard, dangerous job, and I think sometimes civilians are quick to judge – but this decision… yeah it stinks to high heaven.

  • I kinda wish I hadn’t watched that video; my skull feels kinda dirty. However, you totally redeemed yourself with the Freegal link… that’s super cool. Listening to my new Ke$ha songs as I type. :)

  • i love that video! thanks for the smiles.