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The Reveal

Here’s my quilt so far. I’ve got seven of the twelve blocks done. Just five more blocks, and then there’s all the sashing and cornerstones and borders and stuff, and sewing it all together into a complete quilt top.

This course doesn’t get into the actual quilting, in which you turn the completed quilt top into an actual quilt, by creating a sandwich with the backing and the batting, and stitching the whole thing with a decorative design. That’s another course.

Here’s GC’s quilt so far. It’s so dramatic with the black background and the vibrant colours!

GC and I are thinking about getting our quilts professionally quilted when we’re done. It costs $3-something a square foot. Even if we take the second course (the actual quilting course), we wouldn’t be quilting our own quilt tops for awhile. We’d be learning on smaller things that it’s okay to screw up on. So we’re a little concerned that our quilt tops might end up unfinished in our linen closets, gathering dust.

Just like the prayer shawl that GC made in a weaving course he took with his son years ago.

Just like so many things, really. My linen closet is full of good intentions. So is my basement, my art/sewing room and my office/lovebird room. I even adopt other people’s unfinished projects at garage sales, with every intention of finishing them. How crazy is that?

5 comments to The Reveal

  • Connie

    Both quilts are fabulous! Wow !! I would totally have them quilted professionally, they’re worth it.

  • grace

    Very nice!

    I really miss my knitting friends but one benefit of working solo and not being at a knitting shop once a week is that I’m using up materials that I already own. I also have to use my imagination to adapt to what I have and I’m not knitting anything that everybody else is doing. I have FEWER unfinished projects kicking around. I kinda like this. Except for the missing part.

  • That’s why I established my Rule. It can be frustrating, to have to finish one project before you can begin another, but I don’t have any UFOs hanging around. Also, my newish rule this year is to use up my stash and I have been doing that with some success.

    I agree, you should get someone to quilt the quilt when the top is done. Don’t you need a giant rack thingy to quilt it anyway? One less thing to buy and move around!

  • i would totally get them done professionally and do pillow shams as first quilting projects.

    Oh and Julia, you don’t buy a quilting rack, they are dead easy to make and the whole thing folds down into a rolled bundle. For machine quilting (which is what the professionals do it can be done with a small table top attachment to a regular machine, or with a special long arm quilting machine

  • They are both so different, but beautiful. :)